Friday, 1 July 2016

Mini Mania June Challenge

July 1st and time to reveal the completed Mini Mania challenge for June.

The challenge was to use three colours and make stars.
First challenge was choosing the fabrics in the right colours, yellow, aqua and purple. Yellow is simple enough but choosing aqua and purple is a challenge for me in itself. I soon decided on my 'aqua' fabric but after pulling shades of lavender, lilac, mauve etc, from my stash which one is purple?

Choosing the fabrics and designing the mini quilt on EQ7
Next came the choice of design and wonky stars came to mind, so I set to and made one as a test, liked it and soon completed the mini quilt.
Finished mini quilt measures 24 inch square [ the maximum allowed in the challenge]

Simple quilting and smiley sun


Christa said...

That is cute! Well done!

sewhappy said...

Lovely Mini Diana - and now July's.......

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