Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fabritastic plus Byways

Set off this morning for a day of fun for both me and Chris.

My fun started with a trip to Coleman's Warehouse to exchange a Sizzix die that I had bought last week only to find I bought the same die a couple of weeks ago... am I getting old and forgetful... please do not answer that!
While I was there I booked another workshop that looked interesting tomorrow.

My fun continued with a visit to Fabritastic at Peterborough to buy my fifth Row by Row kit. We struggled finding the shop as the Tom Tom in Chris's Land Rover decided to die on us and we had to resort to old fashioned map reading, which of course does not show street names.
Parked outside was a car covered in adverts for the shop, it looked great.

Love the car decal
Row by Row houses
Buying my kit
Home Sweet Home was the design on offer, made with very tiny pieces, the first one with no applique that I have bought.

The houses kit
Now it was time for Chris's fun to start and we planned to travel the Byways in the area, were we in for a bumpy ride! This part of the Fen's is very wet and  many of the puddles hid large holes in the lanes throwing the car from side to side. The final lane we traveled was SO overgrown, we are used to grass growing up the lane and even bushes touching the car on both sides, but this was ridiculous the lane was about 3 ft high with weeds and in many places the hedges and trees touched both side and the roof of the car, it was like fighting your way through the jungle. A machete would have been handy.

Land Rover covered in mud from head to toe

Where is the machete to get us through this overgrowth

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