Saturday, 11 June 2016

The garden showing signs of Summer

At last the garden is starting to show signs of summer. The lilies in the pond have at last flowered and there are lots of buds just waiting for a nice day. It was funny watching a couple of newts chasing each other around yesterday. I love the wildlife that just appears in the pond.
My two apple trees have lots of tiny apples on them and I am hoping for our first year of a good crop. Considering they are growing in pots and do get rather neglected I am very pleased with them.
One of my favorite flowers

Hoping for a good crop this year
The never ending weeding and lawn mowing, luckily Chris always mows the lawn, is a draw back of a big garden. Where I used to be so fussy about my garden and in fact was a member of the Japanese Garden Society for some years and everything had to be "spit spot" I now am far more relaxed. The problems with my knees means I cannot kneel and bending to do anything is hard on the back so I am learning  to live with  what I can do and what Chris is willing or able to do. He is definitely not a gardener.

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