Sunday, 5 June 2016

I have a plan!

Decided this morning to have a sort out / clean up in my Happy Room. In fact I seem to be forever sorting out and cleaning up so I need A PLAN !

I took eleven photos of things I have started and would like to finish. My target is to complete them all this month with a contingency plan [ love that expression used so often on house renovation TV programmes] to finish them all before the end of July. Life seems to get in the way of PLANs but two months should be more than enough to complete them all.

Watch this space for how I get on.
Maybe you have a way of completing UFO's and would like to share it in the comments. 
How do you motivate yourself ?

Hand sewn hexagon wall hanging that has been 'on the go' for far too long!

New mini mania project has to be completed within the month

Block of the month stars for the Hamtune quilt group challenge

Triangle idea I want to work on

Oven pot holder needs completing

Another triangle project

The latest idea sweeping across Pinterest, all cut out ready to go.

Fabric ready for a workshop on Tuesday

This crochet square needs to be either a bag or a cushion

Machine embroidery panel to make into a picture

Japanese girl ready to make into a cushion or bag.
As you can tell some of these projects need little work and some are hardly started.

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