Friday, 3 June 2016

Sue & Annette's day

Wednesday the girls and I spent the day at Bedford on a fairly informal workshop day. There were some very nice bag instructions to follow with help, or you can just "do your own thing". I choose to work on a couple of finishing up projects while Abigail worked on her paper pieced hexagons and her crochet. Eleanor made herself a friendship bracelet on a Kumihimo board and after lunch played with sewing together some fabric on the sewing machine.

It is always such a friendly day and I never fail to come away not having learnt something new.
This day was no exception as I loved a table runner Enid was working on using an unusual method of putting triangles together. A carpet bag that Penny had made was also now on my "to do " list.

One of the nice things about the day, when we arrived home Chris had cooked dinner for us.
Really want to make this bag, Penny had made two of them.

A lunch time break had Eleanor climbing in the playground attached to the church

Photos by Eleanor. Who put the biscuits so close to me?

St Marks Church hall is an ideal place for a workshop.

Annette's display of bags we could make

Abigail working on a sample stitch crochet blanket.

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