Friday, 3 June 2016

June IAM day

Wow this week is going by so quickly, and here we are already in June.
Seven of us enjoyed a day of craft work at our regular IAM day. There is always a lot of health talk for at least the first hour! we are all of a certain age. There is also a lot of laughter as we share things that have happened since our last meeting. Sometimes there is actually some sewing, crochet, needlepoint, knitting etc done.
Everyone brings there own sandwiches and they take it in turns to bring dessert. Jenny ruined our diets with a lovely lemon cheesecake and toffee roulade... yummy.

Show and tell is always fun as everyone trys to bring something they have made in the last month. Here are a few of the items I remembered to photograph.
Penny had completed a very large crochet blanket, that looked so snuggly and warm.

Ann, the queen of cards, is now into butterflies and her cards are always so nice.

Penny showed us the pheasant she made on a workshop a week ago, love the quilting.

Maureen was busy knitting tiny items for prem babies, we all loved the tiny bootees

Clare's attic window wall hanging is so effective

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