Saturday, 25 June 2016

My busy week

Tuesday evening was the regular meeting at Hamtune Quilters. Pippa Moss was to be the speaker,  I did not know her work so did not know what to expect. What a treat she has a collection of Welsh and Durham quilts and explained the different and what to look for. Unlike most speakers she was happy to share where she bought her quilts and what they cost. One was really nice and had cost less than £40 on Ebay! A really nice informative evening that went all too quickly.

Pippa Moss collection of beautiful quilts
She was happy for us to feel the quality and see the workmanship
Part of her own hand worked Hawaiian quilt
Wednesday evening was spent at Church helping complete some quilts that had been started a couple of weeks ago. I had already managed to pin together two tops to their batting and backing and cut out the bindings, which enabled ladies to start marking and quilting them, the other two I had ready for the pinning process. It was a very busy evening, I needed a KitKat chocolate when I got home to recover!

Sky on the way home
Thursday it was off to Leicester and Kisko, fabric warehouse, to their sale. I bought a few yards [ yes they still measure in yards] of fabric varying from £2 to £3.50 a yard. I also bought rolls of bias binding [five very large rolls for a fiver] and batting. Chris sat in the 'rest area' and drank a cuppa and ate a biscuit.
We then went to Sainsbury for a fish and chip lunch which was really nice and to do some shopping.
Next a visit to the Leicester Costco warehouse for more shopping.

4000+ steps had me worn out !!!

Friday I attended a Colemans Warehouse workshop to make a clock. I always love these days with Trish, and the workshops are such good value for money. The clock will go in the granddaughters room here for when they visit.

6 FQ's a clock kit and felt etc workshop all for £20

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quiltergirl424 said...

Lovely, would like to do this one. Would have attended the class but we were away

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