Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Row by Row Block One

I decided to start my Row by Row adventure with the free pattern and kit I bought from Fabric HQ at Pickets Piece Andover.  If you have not heard of the Row by Row experience take a look at one of my previous blog posts.

Fabric HQ was a small very friendly place and the first Row by Row block I collected. I am glad I bought the kit as there were so many different pieces of fabric and in my opinion good value for money. I have plenty left over that will come in handy for the Rows I make without buying the kits.

The pattern is worked in three blocks and the first block had so many pieces to cut out I had backache all evening from standing at the cutting table!
so many pieces for the first block

Having made a few mistakes, reading patterns was never my thing, I completed my first row.
One mistake was to just copy the picture of the clothes onto Heat-n-Bond, they looked so small !!! then I realised I should have enlarged the picture so the one inch scale actually measured one inch. I had to scan at 175% to get the correct size.
Home Sweet Home

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Christa said...

Congratulations! It's so much fun, isn't it?

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