Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Monday blues

Monday blues... started with both of us visiting the hospital, actually different hospitals to make life more complicated.
I was first at the Three Shires where I had my knee x-rayed again and as suspected I now have a date for another new knee in October, as soon as we get back from our next holiday.  Chris then went to The General hospital for his six monthly check up and all is OK and he was soon home.

The news about my knee put me in a real funk all day but I did managed to complete four table mats that I had started last week.

Love the way the triangles make an 'S' swirl
On a more cheery note I received a mug rug from a swap I had taken part in. I love the pretty colours and Barb, also known as the Quilt Dragon, also included three FQs of the same fabric. I love taking part in these machine embroidery swaps. It is so exciting to get a gift from the USA and Barb lives in New Jersey.

Love it QD, thank you.

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