Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas goes back in box

Every day seems to show a little improvement and I was really pleased to make it to Church yesterday, even though it felt like a marathon

Chris is taking down all the decorations as I write so more " getting back to normal" .

While waiting for the last part of the cross stitch I am working on, a quick search of UFO's turned up an almost completed Derwentwater Design of Pinetree Bay so I hope to complete it before January 1st.

When I am fully mobile and back cooking, cleaning and washing I will miss all this sewing time.

Saturday, 28 December 2013


Small progress today as I have managed to walk around the house with only one stick instead of two!

My cross stitch offered free in five parts by is almost completed up to part 4. Part 5 will be available on January 1st. I am so enjoying this cross stitch which is available in a number of different languages.
This is the completed work.
I have all the writing completed.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Boxing Day

What a great day was spent with the family yesterday, eating [too much!] and playing games.
Richard and Jacq had prepared a wonderful meal and the girls were very excited opening presents.

Between the main course and the Christmas pudding we played the right / left game which allowed time for the food to go down!

Then it was back into the lounge to play pass the reindeer antlers. This game consisted of putting antlers on your head every time the music stopped and choosing a mystery gift for someone from a large bag, giving the gift and a hug to whoever name was on it. Great fun and I won a fish shaped USB stick which will look good in my Embroidery Machine.

After a quick drink it was onto the pass the jelly game, like pass the parcel but the gifts are all in a bag attached to string. A sort of jelly thing [ horrible to touch!] is passed around and when the music stopped you pull out a string and get a gift.. much fun and laughter.

We then HAD to eat Christmas cake even if we were full! Richard had made it and Eleanor [6yrs] had helped decorate it... yummy!

Coping with two walking sticks and struggling getting in and out of the car I forgot my camera, so hopefully some one took a photo and will email me it.
Some of the Happy Room sewing items I received.. should keep me busy for a while. 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas

I'd like to wish all my blog readers a very Happy Christmas and healthy New Year.

I cannot believe how time has flown since I last wrote here.
My knee replacement on December 5th went well and I spent five days in hospital. Going home was scary but I couldn't wait. Chris has been a rock, doing all the cooking, cleaning and washing and generally looking after me.

Friends from church visited and cooked us meals which was a real blessing. Sewing friends called and kept me amused. My best friend ' baby sat ' me when Chris had to go out the day after I arrived home. Thank you all so much.

We were up early this morning to have breakfast with the traditional pork pie ( goodness knows why this is a tradition!) then opening our presents. I have lots of fabric and sewing related gifts which will keep me busy in 2014.  Chris is playing with his new tablet!

Later this morning we are off to Richard and the family for the day. I understand he was up at 5am to put the turkey on, but the granddaughters were still asleep.

Yo Ho Ho. Diana

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Knee Replacement

Home for the next few days.
This morning I am going into Hospital for a knee replacement, so may be away from my blog for a few days. The Hospital does have WiFi and hubby said "why not blog from the hospital" but I can think of nothing worse!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

IAM Christmas party

Yesterday we had a full house for the IAM Christmas Party.

It was such a special day with tears of laughter for most of it!

The morning was spent chatting and working on last minute projects, then after a quick lunch we had show and tell.
Jenny had completed a really nice quilt, and painted a beautiful woodland scene. Penny had completed her Christmas London scene cushions. Maureen had four little bags made from charm squares. Clare  had made a lovely Santa sack, while Shirley had a wonderful selection of crocheted mitts she had made. Ann had Christmas tree ornaments and Dorn showed us how to make Candy Stick mice and Christmas stars. I showed my machine embroidery jacket and Amish Cross stitch.  Such a wide selection of crafty items.

We then exchanged gifts, the rules being to buy 7 gifts costing £2. It was amazing what people had managed to find and we all enjoyed opening the pretty parcels.
Next came the fun and games.  Starting with a game of Left/Right with FQ's being the items passing right and left at such speed we were all having the giggles it was hard for me to read the story!
A game of quilt Bingo followed, that I had found on the Internet, but we landed up with all of us needing the same answer to fill the cards, so the game was abandoned and the £5 gifts we had for this game were used with 8 rolls of Christmas toilet paper for another game of Right / left.. this time it was even harder to read the story as eight OAP's moved 8 presents and 8 toilet rolls around the table! Glasses were removed and mascara ran as we wiped away the tears of laughter!

Happy Christmas for the 13th year of the IAM group.
£2 gifts for everyone

£5 gifts for the Bingo 

Shirley's show and tell peg display

Opening the cards

Present opening

Laughter with crafty friends

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas postcards

12 of us signed up with BQLPC group to exchange Christmas postcards.
I decided to work on mine ahead of time and now the deadline to sign up for the exchange has passed mine are ready for the postman tomorrow. I also have the final PC ready to post for the birthdya swap.
11 PC's written and stamped ready for the postman

The last Birthday PC for Rosemary

The Amish Sampler

I have completed the Amish Sampler I have been working on since September. I have it pinned to foam-board and will get it laced as soon as I have time. Next step will be the framer. I am really pleased with the finished cross stitch.

I have another cross stitch in the planing stage, but not sure when I will get time to start it.

Biopsy, bruises and a block finish

Thursday I went into hospital at 10.30 for my lung biopsy, the staff could not have been nicer and put me at ease. The procedure meant lying...