Friday, 31 July 2020

Fish and filter

Yesterday I managed to buy
on EBay but when I picked them up he had found another so we got nine really nice looking goldfish.
The guy was having to sell all his fish as he was moving.

Today Chris put in the new filter and pump on one of the hottest days we’ve had this summer.
Here is Chris admiring his work, and the fish are loving it.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Graduation dress alterations and the mystery plant

Abigail need the top of her graduation dress altering, it had already had a dart put it in, so I carefully unpicked it and have it tacked ready for her to try on again.  I do hope she gets to wear it as the end of term  and graduation were cancelled because of the Covid 19. The plan is to hold the party at the start of her Sixth form starting if things improve.
A labour of love from Grandma !!

Oh to fit into a dress like this ?

A garden surprise 

The courgette plant growing in the old compost heap is going mad, we have two or three every day and it looks so pretty.
Zucchini and banana cake on the menu tomorrow.

This plant was found as a seedling growing in the compost bin so I decided to plant it in a large pot, it could be anything from a pumpkin, melon, courgette, or something else, at last it has started to produce a fruit... still do not know what it is !

I am getting excited my potatoes are growing well in the potato sacks, New potatoes for Christmas ?

Motor Mover, caravans and cooking

Where is he?  Fitting a Motor Mover to the Caravan. I am always amazed at what Chris gets up to, but it was decided as we are not getting any younger a Motor Mover would be a good addition to the caravan. My understanding is it makes moving the ‘van so easy, like playing with a radio controller car !
We will be trying it out in a couple of weeks time.

No wonder he aches !

I spent two days cooking lots of meals to take away with us.

12 Bologaise meals, just add spaghetti.

12 Cottage pie servings, ready to pop in the oven. Plus a cooked chicken in two halves.

Think this should keep us fed for a while.

Standing in the kitchen for long periods of time is killing on my legs and back, so as an interlude I sat at my embroidery machine...

Five caravan mug rugs ready for the off...

Monday, 27 July 2020

We’ve been stickered!

Just back from delivering a present and found this on the garage door... made my day, no idea who did it, but thank you.

Did not notice it on the way out, too busy thinking about the fact I was going into a shop for the first time, which went OK, mask and all. Delivered some  Rhubarb and courgettes to a Church friend, and gift to my friend for her birthday.  Good deeds done for the day, I intend to take up residence in my Happy Room this afternoon, caravan mug rugs here I come...

A little sewing time

I managed to find a little time for sewing yesterday and caught upto date with my Jelly Snowflake mystery quilt. This week, on Wednesday, is the final part and putting it all together. I have really loved working on this free project and cannot wait to see how it all goes together.
If you are interested you can still download all the patterns, which are extremely easy to follow, and even show which way to press your seams.

Part 4 of the Jelly Snowflake Mystery Quilt Along.

I needed some coasters or mug rugs for the caravan, now named 700C !
700 is the house, 700A Chris’s shed/computer room, 700B the new Summer House... will our empire ever end?
Bought a design on the Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery site and made a sample mug rugs just to see how it all went together and give me some idea of the colours I will use. In fact I really like the sample so it will stay and I will make more. The whole thing is made in the hoop, just need to sew up the little hole in the back where I turned it through.

This saying is so true....

Today will be my first visit since the beginning of March to a shop, as I have to take a parcel to the Post Office. Face mask [now compulsory in shops] and sanitiser ready. Taking all precautions since Chris is coming out of Shielding and life must go on.
We have managed until now with food deliveries, Amazon and EBay deliveries plus the help of a neighbour. 
Stay safe everyone it’s not over yet.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Home sweet home & the Wild Garden

It’s always good to be home, but time to start planning the next trip!
There always seems to be so many jobs to do at home, my list grows longer and longer.

My ‘secret’ garden, which is actually at the far side of the house and unseen by anyone but me collecting raspberries and rhubarb is always such a mess... the soil is very poor and grass just does not want to grow so time for action.....

I decided to see if I could turn it in to a wild meadow, it’s already a ‘wild lawn!!’ Purchased a bag of mixed seeds that hopefully will attract the butterflies and bees.
With the top soil left over from the raised bed project I sprinkled a thin layer on half of the ‘lawn’ and broadcasted the seeds, then the Lord saw fit to rain them in most of the night.  I need to buy another packet of seeds to complete the other half.

A quick look in my bags of left over top soil and the carrots have started to grow, I don’t think we will be eating them any time soon, but you cannot beat a fresh carrot.
Beetroot are also coming up for air!  think I’ll wait a while before buying pickling spices !

After all the soil moving and catch up jobs I had to do yesterday I am glad today is Sunday and other than attending a Zoom Church service I intend to take it easy and put my feet up.  Happy Sabbath 

Thanks for making my day and leaving a comment...

Friday, 24 July 2020

Day 4 & 5 Caravan holiday

Day 4 was very laid back, although we did go for a walk on the site, the farmer has 36 acres so plenty of rambling room.
Chris investigating the old railway track, now used for clay pigeon shooting.

I will so miss these wonderful views when we go home later today.

Day 5 our last here at Newbold Grange. Can you see the hare ?

It has been such a peaceful time here recharging our batteries and enjoying the countryside. Guess we need to go home and decide where to go next!

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Day 3 Caravan holiday

Decided today to go “Off Roading” well almost... there are three tracks called Country Roads we decided to explore.

Starting from Newbold Grounds north to Flecknoe and Wolfhampcote we took the first Country Rd, which is little more than a rough track to Sawbridge.
Second Country Rd was north to Lower Green, then thirdly SW Country Rd to Nethercote. Back to Shuckburgh and ‘home’ for lunch.
A really pleasant trip criss crossing the Grand Union Canal, where we saw lots of narrow boat’s enjoying the waterways. We also criss crossed the disused railway track, in places over blind bridges.
Start of the first “Country Road” Just look at that beautiful sky.

The first of a few gates I managed to open

The Grand Union Canal

Narrow boats enjoying the weather.

Map reading the ‘old fashioned ‘ way .

Chris will need to get the polish out on the Range Rover as we acquired a few surface scratches. He did comment that as they are on my side of the car I should polish them out !!!

Day 2 Caravan holiday

We have been lucky with the weather, so far, enjoying dry sunny days.
Our second day started cold and crisp, almost autumnal, so a cooked breakfast was called for. Bacon and eggs are a rare treat and went down well.
However we needed a walk before lunch and followed a way marked route, which led across a ploughed field. This proved to be not too bad underfoot with the view in the distance of the tree line and a more level surface, how wrong can you be ? We crossed a small bridge and the route got harder and harder walking through very overgrown thistles and crops. It was too far to go back so with Chris’s help I managed to get through it. Eventually this led to a stile into the garden of a very modern looking house, still on the way marked route, we then hit the road back to camp and a much needed hot chocolate. My poor old knees and hips really were put through their paces.
Glad I remembered some walking shoes

The afternoon was spent napping and working a little on my hexie project.
We watched yet another beautiful sun set, but I was too tired to go outside for a photo.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Day 1 Caravan holiday

We arrived to an empty CL at Staverton,entry was different.. through a gate that I had to telephone for it to open automatically, Chris immediately said he wanted one !!
We sited the van easily and spent half an hour sort out the poles and erecting the awning for the first time, then it was admire the view and eat our sandwiches.
Hitched up and Leaving home

Soon relaxing in the sunshine eating lunch.

View from the front window access green fields on this secluded site.

Off for an evening walk, two other caravans arrived on the five van site.

Overlooking Catesby Viaduct, no longer in use.

A zoom in of Catesby Viaduct.

This is the life.......

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Sunday BBQ

The perfect end to the weekend, a BBQ with the family.
I intended to take more photos, but we chatted away into the evening and the camera just did not come out after taking a photo of Richard cooking up a feast for us.  The girls were full of stories about school, or should I say lack of it. Both are looking forward to September when schools plan to open again, with a new set of rules for social distancing. Abigail has applied for her provisional driving licence as she will be 17 in two months time ! How did that happen, seems only five minute since she was just starting school !  Eleanor, now 13,  loves working with the animal rescue centre and getting back with her friends at the gym, even though it has to be outside at the moment. 

Happy family and my pride and joy.

Jelly Snowflake Block 3

Yesterday we spent a very enjoyable morning with our friends Dorn and Bill in their garden having a chat, and enjoying the hard work they put into their garden.
My hip is seriously playing me up but I managed to sew together Block number 3 of the Jelly Snowflake Mystery Quilt. 

I am pleased to have caught up with the Mystery, only two more parts to go.

My carrots and beetroots are starting to show signs of life, they were planted in bags of left over top soil from the raised bed project.
No sign of the potatoes yet!

Today there will be another Zoom meeting from Church, I really appreciate these meeting as we are still unable to actually go to the building.
Happy Sunday everyone.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Jelly Snowflake Part 2

Time to catch up on the Jelly Snowflake mystery quilt sew along.  I am now a week behind!!
It is such a fun project and I like the fact there are only 5 or 6 parts before it is complete.
Eight of these blocks made today. It is all looking very jolly.
The instructions are brilliant, even showing which way to press your seems so it all fits together nicely.

I have Part 3 cut out ready to sew, but may have to wait for a day or two.

Fitting out the new caravan has taken over our lives, we arrived home yesterday to SIX different parcels and 3 or 4  more have been delivered today, it’s like Christmas !!  Everything from mains leads to a TV.  We plan a trial run next week near home to sort out exactly what we have and have not thought to get.  It is amazing how much ‘stuff’ you need when starting with an empty caravan. So looking forward to the day we just decide to go somewhere, throw some clothes and food in and go....

Thursday, 16 July 2020

The Cotswold visit

My sister moved to a small village in the Cotswold’s a few days ago, so we went for a visit yesterday.
Always a lovely drive to this part of England.
She has found a lovely home full of quirky rooms and cubby holes, plus a large inglenook fireplace.
The garden is enormous and so overgrown I would not know where to start, but Debbie thrives on gardening and I am sure will soon have it under control.

The village is very small and this is the lane she has chosen for her new home.

Velvet zipped cushion backing I attached with much cursing to the back of a needlepoint cushion front Debbie had made.
I had been putting off making it, but wanted to take it with us when we visited.

The front made by my sister.

It was lovely to see her and her cat ‘Sweep’ in their new Cotswold home.

Monday, 13 July 2020

Look what came home with us

So excited, we have just bought a caravan, after about 25 years of being caravan free.
Due to the pandemic situation we thought a caravan and our own little “bubble” we could start having some holidays again.

A search of Marketplace, which Chris thinks is where I spend all my time looking for bargains, and we marked four or five to view.
The first two were not suitable but third time lucky a really clean nice looking Bailey Pageant two birth, had us hitting the ATM hole in the walls to get the cash to pay for it.

We collected it today and now we need to fit it out, so back to Marketplace for a porch awning, found a real bargain. 
TV and a few other things on order and we should be all set to try it out in a weeks time.
First seen

Arriving home

Looking to the front

Kitchen and bathroom [on the left]

We have already had a cuppa in side while sorting out what we need to buy to make it ready for the road.
I see exciting adventures ahead...

Friday, 10 July 2020

Outside visit and washing on the line

This week has passed in a bit of a blur, we have been quite busy.

Tuesday we arranged to visit our friends Ann and Peter for a social distance in the garden, both Peter and Chris are ‘shielding’ so we knew we’d be OK.
We arrived and there was no one there!  Our wires were crossed and they were at our house wondering where we were !!
I really think this pandemic and strange way we are is living is sending us crazy, or is it just old age ?

Soon remedied, as we could get into their garden and sit and wait , where ours was behind a locked gate, they returned and we had a lovely morning chatting and enjoying their garden.

My Pointless Blockheads quilt, named because there is hardly a point on it! was quite a hit on facebook, and received lots of very nice comments.
Armed with the fact everyone seemed to think it was nice, I set to and backed it with fleece. I had to join two pieces together to make a piece large enough. I decided to do easy quilting and using my Creative Grids wavy ruler marked the top out in rows 4 inches apart using a quilters chalk pen.

This method of quilting is easy as even though I find it more difficult to stay on the line [probably need new glasses] it does not matter to the overall look of the quilt. Having quilted in one direction I repeated the marking and sewing in the other direction.

AGGGHHH! The yellow chalk I had used did not rub off.

I sewed down the binding by hand and threw it in the washing machine with a colour catcher on a 30 minute wash hoping for the best.

I’m pleased to say the chalk has all come out and it is now hanging on the line to dry.
Hoping the weather stays fine until it is dry.

The backing showing the two colours of fleece and the wavy line quilting.

Stay safe everyone and if you want to leave me a comment please do, I read them all before they appear on my blog.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Jelly Snowflake Part 1

Part 1 of the Jelly Snowflake Mystery Quilt Along was fairly quick and easy to put together.
I am using left over 2 1/2 inch strips from another project and FQ’s cut into 2 1/2 inch strips, so it will have a very random feel with the white on white contrast pulling it all together with a bit of luck!
Strips cut ready

Part 1 consists of four blocks that were quick to sew.
Now need to wait until next Thursday for Part 2. [5 parts in total]

The Rocket and the Cancer Sampler

A friend from Church sent me a message that a Lego Rocket Technic was for sale on Market Place and he thought Chris should have it. The guy ...