Monday, 28 September 2020

Last Monday in September

Well here we are the end of September in sight. Hard to believe October will be with us this week as we head into the Winter. After a very cold windy day yesterday the sun is shining and the wind has dropped, I may venture into the garden to plant some bulbs into my raised beds.

The Covid rules are still well and truly with us, but last week I set up the Happy Room with tables at each end and a friend joined me for a sewing day. It was lovely to see Dorn and chat the day away, plus do a little sewing. 

I worked on my Birthday Cake Quilt and this morning the final border went on and it is ready for the wadding and backing. I intend to quilt it myself in a simple design.
My holder upper of quilts has hurt his back so I stood  on a stool over my table to take the photo.
I have enjoyed making this fairly easy quilt and pleased with the summer feel of the finish.

 I really like this book and the way everything is explained.
There are patterns for 16 different quilts based on Layer Cakes [10 x 10 inch fabric squares] and each pattern is named after a cake.
Mint Choc Chip, Banana, Peaches’n cream to name but a few, plus of course the Birthday Cake Quilt top that I have just completed.

My ironing board was in dire need of a new cover, and I had a scrap of this jolly car fabric that was just big enough to make a quick cover.
I do not remove the old covers as I like the feel of the padded board, there are probably half a dozen covers on it at the moment.
Notice behind the ironing board the stack of Leaders and Enders is steadily growing.

Friday, 25 September 2020

First haircut of the year!

My hair has been driving me nuts as I have not felt confident to visit a hairdresser until today.
I bit the bullet and visited Mason Hairdressers for a cut and blow dry.
I was very impressed with their Covid precautions, and delighted with the cut, thanks Ella.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

New quilt projects

On Monday I started the Birthday Cake Quilt featured in the Perfect 10 Quilts book, published by The Fat Quarter Shop.
I thought this was an appropriate quilt to start this week as it’s Chris’s 70th birthday week and we will not mention my Fat Quarter!!
Such a nice selection of fairly easy designs.

Preparing the fabric from stash.

Starting the sewing process, still using Starters and Enders, which reminds me I must prepare some more, its amazing how many little blocks I’ve made without even thinking about it.

Found after much searching on Ebay...
I have wanted a set of these letters for quite a while, and bingo! I managed to find a pack of 2 sets on Ebay for 20p ! 
Such a bargain even with postage they were only a pound.   What did I want them for??

Answer is to super glue to pins [thanks Chris I hate super glue] and use to mark fabrics that I cut for different patterns.
I have tried using pieces of paper, sticky notes and a number of things but usually they fall off... the pins will hold the markers securely.
I am preparing to make 3 Christmas cushions and the fabric pieces are very similar in size.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Chris’s 70th birthday lunch

I booked a table at the Hare in Loddington and invited four of our friends to join us as a surprise for Chris.
We were all busy eating when I remembered to take a photo!

Chris, Bill and Peter

Ann, Dorn and myself all enjoying a really nice meal.
The bonus at the end was 20% off the bill !
Happy Birthday to Chris on his special day.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Chris’s birthday party

On Sunday Richard and his dog arrived to take his Dad for a walk around Pitsford Lake, all three looked worn out when they arrived back, its about 6 1/2 miles. Jacq and the girls arrived and we had a KFC meal delivered and thoroughly enjoyed.
I had managed to buy a 12 pack of fairy cakes and jacq brought a couple of little cakes so much fun was had while Chris blew out the candles.
The party boy.

Blowing out the candles.
This was followed by a silly game we like playing, which does not involve much brain power and we can sit in comfy chairs.

Today is a relative calm day before his actual birthday on the 22nd.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Lazy week at Cransley CL

Our week is coming to an end, and my Internet ‘goody bag’ which gives me the means to use wifi has run out !
We have walked around ‘our’ field a number of times and said ‘hello’ to Mr Darcy, a lurcher buried at the top of the field, each time we pass.
The farmer mowed the side of the corn field which makes for an easy walk.

Quick ‘hello’ to Mr Darcy when we pass at the top of the field.

New houses being built on the edge of Kettering, with the Parish Church spire on the left in the distance.

Enjoying Spaghetti Bolognaise followed by warm cherry pie filling [without the pie!] and custard.

It has turned really warm today and we were entertained by the farmer ploughing ‘our’ field ready for another crop.

I think we have found a really nice local bolt hole here at Cransley and will be back again.

Friday, 11 September 2020

A field walk

An early morning ‘peek a boo’ with the Alpacas.
They are just leaving their overnight quarters, together with a flock of sheep.

Just look at all that lovely soft wool !

We decided to walk around the field, it looked like a long trip, but in fact was made all the easier as the farmer had cut a path through the undergrowth.
Our caravan is the white dot on the right and above the farm buildings the white spire of Kettering Church of Latter Day Saints can be spotted.

The half way point and a much appreciated seat to admire the views.

Thursday, 10 September 2020

A garden centre trip

We visited two garden centres this morning, the first one in Finedon where they are only selling plants outside and have kind of moved their whole shop outside to cover the Covid rules.  I bought a few plants for my raised beds.

The second shop meant passing the church where my parents are buried, so we made a quick call. My father had a crabapple tree planted when he died and it was not doing too well for a while, but seems fine now with tiny red crabapples on it.
A very pretty tree.

This ‘stone trail’ was wonderful all along the entrance to church, each one painted with a design or message.
It was at least twice as long as my photo as it went around the corner.

Next stop was The Seasons Garden centre, and these plants found their way into my trolley.

Not sure buying plants when you are away from home is such a good idea, but !!!

Cransley CL, Northfield Farm

We arrived yesterday lunch time to find a really nice greeting and welcome from the owners of Northfield Farm.
Allocated site number1 we were told if we preferred a different site we could change, but we were happy to use the allocated site and have plenty of room. Every gate, water, rubbish, electric connection has a bottle of gel next to it, which is most welcome during this Covid time.
When we arrived there was one motorhome here from the Isle of Man, but by evening time three more Motorhome were also on site.
The site is only about 15 miles from home but is like a different world and hidden away from the hustle and bustle of life.
An evening stroll to see the Alpaca in the field behind us, hopefully I will get a better picture today.
The field in front of us has a walk around the perimeter with a seat half way round, it is a huge field but we will attempt it while here. Trying to improve my step count.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

12 wheels, potatoes and the fish pond

Twelve wheels on my wagon and I just keep rolling along....
Each car has two wheel and as there are six cars I made all the wheel at the same time. I had hoped to get the car blocks together by yesterday but that didn’t happen. Youngest granddaughter needed more masks, they have put restrictions on the colours she can wear, plus life in general just got away from me.

The potatoes I planted in potato sacks are looking really good, hope there are lots of potatoes growing, need to take a sneaky peek through the lift up flap! The carrots are also doing well, you can just see them at the back.

Love the flowers on the potatoes, nature certainly knows how to put colours together.

One thing that has kept us busy is the pond, the fish were not well at all and we had tried a few treatments but nothing helped. A phone call to a friend suggested it may be the water. To put this in context, my father was an aquarist and always used rainwater to top up ponds and fish tanks, he had many and won many prizes,  so I have continued to do the same. What a difference 50 years makes, now the rainwater is so acid it is damaging and killing the fish. A PH test was taken and half the pond emptied and refilled with tap water and a treatment to combat the chlorine, plus an ulcer treatment to help the fish.  Hopefully we have sorted the problem and they will be back to there happy little lives.

Friday, 4 September 2020

The forest is growing

I have managed to find a little time to work on Bringing Home the Christmas Tree,
The four sets of three trees are complete, and now I have managed to complete the 6 trees for the top of the cars.

Still a long way to go as the cars have 53 pieces in each block and there are six of them! 

As this is a Sew Along with Pat Sloan over 5 weeks I am trying to get a little ahead as we have another weeks holiday during the 5 weeks.

Gradually the Happy room is taking shape and the blinds are up, had to cut 2 inches off the sides and about 40 inches off the drop!
No where seems to make curtains for little short fat windows !
With my arm rash still bothering me I am loving the air conditioner.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

I’ve been conned!

Actually I’ve been Air conned. Chris has completed the installation, I am so happy that I can be either cool or hot depending on the weather.
Needless to say the disruption in my Happy Room has made me what to change things that I have made do with since the room was built.

I have decided to change from curtains to roller blinds in the two windows next to the new Aircon unit.  I like the sleek look to that side of the room without curtain rods and curtains. The sun midday is quite strong on that side of the house and although I have patterned glass it needs a little something to lesson the suns rays. A trip to Dunelm and I have just what I was looking for, needless to say they need to be made narrower and shorter as the windows are not very tall. A job for another day when I can find my tables and cutting mats again.

The curtains in the caravan are quite dark and have seen better days, probably 15 years old! So Dunelm to the rescue again and a pair of curtains came home with me that I will cut and remake to size, I already have one curtain the same left over from another project. It is amazing how much fabric is needed to kit out a caravan, 8 curtains in total.
Looks like I am going to be busy !

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