Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Fall

Crash Bang Wallop, that was me on Monday... just went to feed the fish in the garden and the next thing I knew I had tripped and crashed into the paving stones. Chris came to my rescue as the pain was unbearable and I could not get up. Eventually he managed to get me up into a seat and back into the house, called for an ambulance.
The ambulance service were really good and dressed my wound and gave me a thorough going over.

The list of injuries include, bump above eye, turning black & blue,bruised shoulder, bad wound to arm, black & blue little finger, badly bruised knee [ just hope it has not damaged my new knee] etc etc.. actually everything on my left side hurts. Luckily no broken bones, funny how we always say "luckily" when I felt anything but lucky.

Bandage courtesy of the Ambulance Service

Chris has been entertaining me by putting together six DVD shelving units from Ikea.
I didn't even comment that he's doing it on the new carpet.

Monday, 24 July 2017

The house gets a Spring clean and the chairs new covers

It has been some time, probably years! since our gutters and fascias where cleaned, so I asked the window cleaner for a quote and two men came and cleaned out the gutters, washed all the front boards and fascias. Wow what a difference to the house it all looks sparkly clean now on the outside.
They worked hard for 2 1/2 hours.
Even the Velux windows on my Happy Room are clean.
While this was going on, I had a sudden urge to recover my dining room chairs. The label on the base says they were made in February 1996. I remember they were not very expensive and have been re-covered a number of times. So for their 21st birthday they have had new covers again.
Six chairs have had a makeover

Close up of the fabric.

Friday, 21 July 2017

The days fly by

Monday we arranged our Power of Attorney. So the day just cost us money! Plus we emptied the lounge/diner into my workroom in preparation for the new carpet
Once the room was tidy

Will it ever be tidy again?

Tuesday  I had my nails done and we visited friends Dorn and Bill for dinner and a game of Rummy 10, so a most enjoyable day and evening.

Wednesday we researched kitchens, there is so much choice it is hard to know where to go and who to choose. However friends Ann and Peter recently had a new kitchen and we spent a nice morning delving in her cupboards and behind panels.

Thursday was BSK at Bedford and I spent an enjoyable day making six little bags on the embroidery machine. While I was away the carpet fitters came and it was lovely to walk in to new carpet everywhere, the fact I cannot open my airing cupboard doors is a miner hitch!

5 small and 1 large bag all made in the hoop

Monday, 17 July 2017

Let it Shine

Saturday we attended  the Lighthouse Theatre to see Abigail and Eleanor performing.
It was a wonderful show with 34 different ballet, tap and dance acts. Both girls appeared in three or four acts each. Eleanor managed to perform with her arm in a bright pink cast, having had her full arm cast removed a couple of days previous. In one act her dress matched the pink cast.
Abigail came on stage dressed as an old woman carrying her Great Grandad's walking stick, it was a funny tap routine well executed.  They both did very well.
Richard also received a credit in the programme for his stage crew work and prop building, while Jacqueline acted as a back stage chaperon. I am very proud of my little family.
Eleanor on the left

Abigail 6th from the left

Some of the acts, with children from 2 year to adults.
A wonderful varied programme.

So much happening

During the few days I have not had time to blog, so much has happened.

A workshop with Penny, Judith and Clare to make a seven compartment basket. The instructions were complicated and making the basket is even more complicated. We managed to get most of the fabric cut out and using Bosal foam started the machining, a whole day was spent and only one of the compartments was partially sewn together.  This is going to be a long project, but I am determined not to add it to my UFO list.
Starting the basket, SO many pieces!
This is Wimbledon fortnight and I love watching the men's singles, so a knitting project was just the ticket. I worked on my Leicester City socks and managed to complete one and start its pair.

One sock down one to go
My one red water lily came into flower, I just love the fact it closes at night and opens as soon as the sun comes out.

Such a pretty colour
I managed to get some of the machining done on my 7 compartment basket, which then needed a lot of hand sewing... perfect job while watching the Tour de France.

Such a complicated way of making a basket.
I still have no replacement cooker, but improvements to the home are still in the pipe line.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Wimbledon / Tour de France sock

Enjoying the Wimbledon tennis and Tour de France cycling, has meant lots of time for knitting.
Sock number one completed.

Using five DPN (double point needles) and a ball of wool bought in Spain. Regia 75% wool 25% poly.

The three of us

Three of us got together for a sewing day, it was such fun and so much chatter I completely forgot to take any photos.

Christine was working on a Welcome sign, where the L was a cat, really nice. Pattern from Village Fabrics, Wallingford Oxfordshire. She also showed us a BOM of Geisha ladies the same shop was offering... I am VERY tempted !

Penny was working on a Lego quilt top she started some time ago, really bright and cheerful, any child would just love it.

I worked on another Row by Row panel, still quite a lot of work to do, but I just love frogs and always have a lot in my pond, so good for the garden.
Love the eyes of the frog peering out of the pond!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The two settees go to a new home

 The two, two settee settees were donated to a good home last night, together with the radiator cabinet that held 300 DVDs. The lounge is looking very empty now as we are down to two odd chairs, if guests arrive will we have to bring in garden chairs!
The new suite will not be ready for ten weeks, but the new carpet is arriving next week.
One thing is leading to another, and because of the shape of our lounge / diner there will be a huge piece of carpet left over, so... the carpet fitter will also do the stairs and landing!
At least the only thing I will need to move regarding the stairs / landing is the laundry basket.
However in the lounge / diner there is still a lot of furniture, TV, cabinets, dining set etc.. that have to be moved out before the carpet fitters get here... guess my Happy Room will be FULL!

All this seemed like such a good idea, but now I wish I could wave my magic wand and it all be completed.  No word about the Cooker exchange yet !

Monday, 10 July 2017

The new cooker or is it!

My new cooker arrived and was installed on Saturday, I was actually getting keen to use it as soon as the fitter left..  Wrong... they had delivered the wrong one, and although it looks the same as the Induction hob I had ordered, this is a ceramic hob and has to go.
Luckily the day was hot so we had a bbq.
Sunday we used the George Foreman grill and microwave to rustle up a meal, until we could contact the shop. Monday a call from the shop they realised their mistake and will organise a replacement... so looks like the kitchen will be on hold until the next new cooker arrives.

Looks good but has the wrong hob.
Ebay just ended selling my old cooker for £87.

Start of the house chaos

We decided to make a few changes around here, and a new cooker is the first item on the agenda.
I only have room for a free standing model and with only a 50cm gap it was very restricting as to what I could buy, plus they ALL have doors that open in the wrong direction for my kitchen making it slightly dangerous to use. So it has to go.
The new appliance is 60 cm wide which means removing shelving and worktop, but hopefully a narrower one will replace it, I need all the storage I can get in my tiny kitchen. Another bonus is a drop down front and the single oven means less bending, I cannot remember the last time I used the top oven in the old cooker so doubt I'll miss it.
CJ cleaning the old cooker before I put it on Ebay

The induction hob means new saucepans as only one of my old ones will work, they have to be magnetic.

Not know for my love of cooking, but I am getting excited to have everything new.

A little light relief from the clutter of home, Three hot air balloons fly over the garden.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Row by Row Road Trip

Ten, plus driver husband, set off on a whirl wind ten hour trip to visit six of the UK stores taking part in the 2017 Row by Row experience.

Stop #1 Quilters Dream, Picket Piece, Hampshire
Our first stop and keen to start shopping!

Lots of unusual goodies
Love this Row by Row scene
Stop #2 Purple Stitches, Basingstoke

A cute little shop where we were made most welcome
Jenny the birthday girl holds their Row by Row
Love this BOM
Stop #3 Lady Sew & Sew, Henley on Thames

Pauline provided a selection of cakes for Jenny's birthday
and Lady Sew & Sew provided the drinks

Wow this store goes on and on..

Stop #4 Village Fabrics, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Every inch of wall is covered with quilting
Pretty Row by Row design
Beautifully designed quilts
Love love love this Japanese BOM
Stop #5 Fabric HQ, Stoke Manderville

Up Up and away
More fabric and an ice cream shop next door !
Stop #6 Threads & Patches, Milton Keynes

Group photo
Jenny, Me, Dorn, Pauline, Christine,Penny, Ann, Maureen, Judith and Clare

Always a popular store

Last stop but still spending

A HUGE thank you to husband Chris for driving us on this 220 mile trip.

My spend: 4 kits on the back row, two patterns collected
plus a selection of fabrics.
A big thank you to Pauline for the cakes, and Dorn for the raffle. It was a fabulous day out and much enjoyed by everyone.
ps. thanks to the mini bus hire company for such a lovely new air-con vehicle.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Wimbledon got off to a good start with Andy Murray inning his first outing.
I love the tennis but I also love Le Tour de France, they both started this week so there will be a lot of TV in the next two weeks.. I have a lot of knitting ans hand sewing to work on..
Working on my Leicester City socks while watching Wimbledon

Friends and Family

Wednesday 28th we set off for Cornwall to stay with friends. My sister lives en-route so we called in for a cuppa and to see my nieces daughter who was over from Spain for a visit.

Tess with her head in a "book"
Two sisters
The journey was tiring and it started to rain as we entered Cornwall, but we were so happy to see our friends that had recently moved down south.

A walk in Falmouth

Cornish sandwich lunch at The Lookout

Stormy sky

At the Lizzard

A visit to Truro Abbey, beautiful stained glass everywhere you looked.

A modern lectern

The Abbey made from matchsticks

Loved these pottery bells in the Abbey

Met my niece Jesse with husband Richard and daughter Mabel
who moved to Cornwall about 15 years ago.

The wild Cornish coast

Fairly calm sea, with a lot of people learning to body board in the far beach area.

I see no ships !!
We had to leave on the Sunday due to commitments at home, but hope to return again when we have more time. Thank you friends and family.

Biopsy, bruises and a block finish

Thursday I went into hospital at 10.30 for my lung biopsy, the staff could not have been nicer and put me at ease. The procedure meant lying...