Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Michael Jackson Thriller

Sunday afternoon saw us travelling to London to complete the celebrations for Chris's birthday.
We decided to go by car and park in the China Town car park, the theatre had an arrangement where the cost is halved. Even so it cost £13 to park for just over three hours.
However it was SO worth it, the Chinese were celebrating and the whole of China Town was decked out for the day, lanterns and marques plus music and performers made for a wonderful sight.
Sadly I had not taken my camera.

A five minute walk and we were at the Lyric Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue. We had aisle seats with lots of room in the stalls and really enjoyed the music and performers. A bit of a shock when the music for Thriller started and one of the performers crept up behind me in his [ or hers ] spooky costume!  Great show, followed by a burger on the way home.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Birthday party

The family joined us for a meal at the local Harvester, which was not very successful even though we had booked in advance, but it was OK. Abigail's friend Francesca joined us as she spending the night with her.

After the meal we gathered at home to enjoy the wonderful cake Richard and Jacq had bought for Chris. It was a replica of his Land Rover complete with all the wonderful details, from number plate to windscreen wipers! A birthday sparkler looked like it would set the house on fire but was great fun.


I don't think they were cold! Just loved wrapping themselves in my crochet blankets!

After the cake we played a game of 'pass the jelly' a bit like pass the parcel but the gifts are all wrapped and attached to ribbons, when the 'jelly' is passed and the music stops you pull a ribbon and get a gift.

Much laughter ensued, especially when Chris pulled out a parcel of Antibacterial wipes! The three girls had fits of giggles. Great evening for a great person.


The Higham Ferrers quilt show

Saturday morning was the start of a busy weekend, especially for Chris celebrating his birthday. We started with a visit to the Quilt Show at Higham Ferrers, it was reall good, and such a lot of work had gone into organising it. The display of large quilts, tiny mini quilts, Christmas themed items, bags and cushions etc etc were a credit to the organisers and local group.

Here are a few photos of things that really took my fancy.


Beautifully worked all by hand using scraps.

Lots of items made for charities, both local and abroad.

Just love the large Santas

The challenge to make a picture in fabric of a famous painting.

Bag tombola, we won three!

A wonderful whole cloth quilt with a pretty border


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Married to an OAP

September 22nd 1950 Chris came into this world, so today he celebrates his 65th birthday.
I could not wish for a better husband, and often think about the time 40+ years ago we met on holiday in Jersey.
Enjoying a meal at the local Harvester
Happy Birthday Chris

Ryan Air v Murcia Airport

Up early on September 20th to catch our flight from Murcia Airport to East Midlands. It is a tiny airport and we were quickly through to the main lounge where we sat and waited for our flight to be called, then queued for an age to have our passports checked, then queued for another age in the hot sun for the plane to land and the passengers to disembark. Happy to see our suitcases on the luggage carrier and finally the plane landed and it was a nice comfy trip home with Ryan Air.
Arrived to a reasonable sunny day in England but felt cold after all the Spanish sun.
That pretty bright pink suitcase on top is mine!

Waiting to board

Last days of Spanish holiday

18th was spent quietly, and after a fish and chips meal at the camp site we walked along the Mar Menor coast and sat and watched the world go by.

The Mar Menor
Palm Trees
Chris enjoying the view
19th  it was off to Casa La Pedrera for an evening of entertainment.
The house was showcased on The Grand Designs House TV programme and has an amazing position overlooking a lake.
Arrived early to get good seats

Pauline Brian Amy and Bridie waiting for the horse show
The sun shone and we joined Brian, Pauline and their niece and her friend together with Pat to watch a wonderful display of horse riding followed by flamenco dancers.The beautiful red sky of sun set as the dancers performed on a stage near the lake was truly amazing.


Fun on the horses

Flamenco dancer and horse perform

The owners young daughter performing

Truly Spanish

This horse had bolted from the area earlier but came back to our amazement

Sun setting over the lake

The magic of flamenco

young children performed 

As dusk arrived the flamenco took of a special mood

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Sunflowers in Spain

A few days ago, or was it yesterday? time has a funny habit of meaning nothing while we are on holiday, Pauline and Brian came over for lunch and we then played cards. It was really nice seeing them again.

My Once Persian Tile crochet blanket has had another pattern added that was released on Sunday. So I am completely up to date. I thought this was an ideal time to block it, so grabbed my foam boards and pins and made it as square as I could. Next I sprinkled water all over it until it was pretty well soaking. The final process was to put it out in the 31 degree heat to dry. It is now looking fairly square and will have to wait until we get back to England for the next instalment.

Back to my Spanish wool sunflower, wow I am having to learn some new techniques and all with no YouTube video help! After completing the main section I added a border of stitches from the ATB CAL and I must say I am pretty please with it. I plan to make it into a little cushion I think.

With left over wool I made a couple of daisy flowers for a banner from a free pattern on Ravelry. The first one seems to have too many petals but who's counting?


Sunday, 13 September 2015

One Persian Tile update

My Once a Persian Tile blanket has innings number five completed, and having brough nothing else to do I bought a pattern for the 'crocodile flower' square on Ravelry. Pat generously offered to print it out for me on her new printer. The local 'China' shop was my next port of call for the wool I needed. I have started it and struggled with learning the bobble stitch for the centre, but with a little fudging it looks Ok. The wool is rather fluffy but at least it is keeping my hands busy.

The first picture is by the pool, the turquoise colour looks the same as the water in the swimming pool! The second picture is by our front gate. The local residents think I'm mad working on a blanket and then posing it for photos!

The start of a sunflower in Spanish wool.


Catch up days

Friday we joined friends for fish and chips in Villa Martin. They were excellent value at €7 on the special afternoon menu. It was then back to their sons villa for a game of cards sitting in the shade. It is very hot today.

Saturday I mapped out a route to Sierra Espuna, a nature reserve. We passed through some very pretty little villages before joining the very bendy narrow twisty road, mostly single track up into the hills. The road seems to go on forever but the views are wonderful.


Today we have been to the Sunday market, usually called the English Market. We arrived about 10am and there are hundreds of cars already looking for spaces. Chris dropped my off near the entrance and went to find a parking space. It is a large market and sells just about everything you can think of, from pretty little tomatoes in three different colours to a new kitchen!

Last year I could only manage to walk around half of it before my knees gave out, but this time I managed the whole market and even walked the "mile" (well it felt like it) back to the car. The walking exercises I did before we left home have really paid off. We bought the girls a little gift and stocked up on fruit and veg. There were lots of things I would have liked to buy but need to think of the flight baggage.


The Rocket and the Cancer Sampler

A friend from Church sent me a message that a Lego Rocket Technic was for sale on Market Place and he thought Chris should have it. The guy ...