Monday, 27 December 2010

Design wall Monday

This was going to be one of my UFO projects, but I have decided to get it off the wall and put the binding on it this afternoon.. One UFO project less for 2011.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

UFO Challenge 2011

These are photos of my 12 challenge UFO projects, see previous post!
Looks like I have a years worth of sewing without adding anything else!

Yo Ho Ho

A Very happy Healthy Christmas. These are the views of my back garden and Abigail about to make a snowman in the front garden..

Saturday, 18 December 2010

UFO 2011 Challenge

UFO 2011 Challenge is an idea from Judy Laquidara [ see side bar button] so I have been compiling a list of things I would like to finish next year. I will add photos when I get time!
1 Little Miss quilt top, need quilting and binding
2 Red white and Blue, needs batting, backing quilting and binding
3 Cowboy Icon wall hanging.. needs lots of work
4 Stars of the USA.. a few more to paper piece and then make into a quilt
5 Sun Bonnet Sue of the months.. an on-going BOM I would like to finish
6 Baltimore blocks made, needs making into a quilt
7 Fairy blocks made, need making into a quilt
8 Bento Box quilt needs the binding sewing down
9 Amish quilt jacket needs finishing
10 Wholecloth quilt needs putting into new quilting frame and working on
11 Under the Sea, painting and quilting blocks need finishing
12 Wee Birds BOM need starting, as all 12 months have been delivered and I have not even opened the packets!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Santa Train

On the way to a family gathering we stopped at a garden centre to enjoy the Christmas decorations. Abigail and Grandad liked the train and Eleanor just wishes she was a few inches taller!

Bento Box quilting

A last minute catch up trying to finish some UFO's.
I made this Bento Box quilt ages ago [ do not remember how many "ages ago!"] but decided this morning to have a go at quilting it on my embroidery machine. I choose a feathery pattern and it has worked well, even though I was a bit hesitant handling such bulk of fabric/batting and backing. All I need to do now is put on the binding.. yippee another UFO bites the dust.

Christmas Tree Festival

Weedon Church in Northamptonshire have a Christmas Tree Festival, and one of the quilt groups I belong to [we meet in the Church rooms] displayed a tree with stockings we had all made.
I understand the first weekend the festival was open it made over £1000 for the Church.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Three more cushions finished

As I struggle to get in the "black" with my stash report for the year, I have managed to finish three more cushions. I hope to find time [ goodness knows from where!] to at least end the year having used as much fabric as I bought in 2010.
See my side bar for the actual amounts in and out!
The cushions were all made with machine embroidery in the small hoop. Each cushion has 25 pieces embroidered.

Friday, 10 December 2010

The cousin's celebrate Christmas

Today we had a family Christmas lunch.
Luckily the weather held good after an awful week of snow and ice. Mum now age 96years [ 3rd from the left in the photo] really enjoys having her family around her.
Many miles were travelled as the cousins travelled to Northampton from Bristol, Derby, The Cotswolds, London and Leicester, especially the ones that travelled from Leicester as they got lost for over an hour!! Hope Santa brings Mike a SatNav!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

IAM Christmas Party

December 2nd our IAM group had our Christmas Party. A workshop making angels and robins started the day, this was followed by lunch, show and tell and then the best part of the event.. Christmas gifts. With a £2 limit we each buy 7 small gifts for the rest of the group, one of our members, Ann, is in Australia and I am behind the camera!
It is amazing the gifts we all seem to find and no two were the same.
After present giving we had a game of Left / Right, where seven wrapped FQ's are passed left and right while a story is being read.. this always causes much laughter!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

One more sleep to Advent!

One more sleep to Advent, so the Advent calenders I made for my two granddaughters were delivered to them last night.
Made from panels the pockets each contain a small item to hang on the
little trees, plus a few chocolates.
Richard fixed them to the wall in their dining room, and small star shaped battery operated lights were wound around the trees to start off the decorating.
Both girls cannot wait until December 1st to start putting on the ornaments each day. Thanks Penny for the brilliant idea.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Answering a few questions

I have had a number of questions about things I do and say, so here are a few answers.

Creative 9000 sewing machine is sold by BSK Bedford England under their own name and with a load of free accessories does everything I could wish for in a lightweight sewing machine. Lots of fancy stitches, needle up / down, alphabets, needle threader, adjustable width and length etc etc . Cost £229 in their sale at the moment. Called Denis because that is the name of the person that sold me it! Bought mainly to use at workshops.

I drive a red Mazda MX5 sports car [ mid-life crisis!] she is 20 years old in December. I have a soft top and hard top for her, and called Lucy because.. yes you guessed it the last owner was named Lucy.

My bargain of the year was "Brenda" my Brother 4000D sewing machine, and I am thrilled with all the things she will do. Only slight hiccup is the very large frame which I have trouble using, but I have been told I can use the largest frame from the 1500 with the same result but it holds the fabric firmer.. so I'm off to buy myself a Christmas present!

Lacemaking.. I am afraid making lace has taken a back seat to sewing and quilting, after 20 years of making lace and 15 years of teaching it. I still have enough bobbins to fill a drawer in my cupboard so hope to teach my grandchildren [ the eldest has already started] and pass them on.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Stash does up and down!

Saturday 27th was another great day with Fran and Tilly at Pitsford Northampton, not forgetting Jane in the kitchen! The workshop was to make a wavy cut Christmas Tree with lots of fancy stitch embroidery OR a Santa hanging OR a coaster by hand. I chose to make the wavy Tree. Not having many greens in my stash I was forced [ ha ha] to buy a selection of green 1/2 metre fabrics which has pushed my stash busting up AGAIN! [see side bar]
The day was wonderful with home made biscuits in the morning a lovely cooked lunch, complete with little gifts and tree decorations, followed in the afternoon by Christmas cake. Looking forward to the January workshop where we will be making a sewing machine mat and tool holder, similar to the one Tilly is holding up.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Denis arrives!!

I have been looking for some time for a sewing machine to take to workshops and quilt days, I seem to average 2 a week and some are upstairs. My good old Pfaff weighs 12 kg and is just getting too much for me to carry.
Having done as much research as I could I decided on a BSK Creative 9000, and yes you've guest it, the person that sold me it was called Denis.. so that is now the name of the machine!
Yesterday I took it to a quilt day [upstairs] and the 6 kg weight was much better to handle and the sewing machine does so many things I am really impressed.

Fairy Favours

One of the Yahoo groups [Scratchingpost] I belong to have a data base set up for all those who would like to take part in sending a little gift to one of the members.
At this time of year with everyone so busy and the weather so awful it is so nice when a little mystery gift arrives through the door from someone you do not even know. This has happened to me a couple of times, so I thought I would pick 6 names at random and send a little cheer. My chosen 6 were all in the USA this time.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Ribbon crazy

On a recent workshop I made the two ribbon creations at the back of the picture then came home with a kit and made the front "pineapple". This let me to thinking "I have a bag full of wired ribbon" I could make some more.. THREE days later I have turned my workroom upside down and still not found it ! BUT I have had a huge sort out, throw out, give to Charity shops session. So a big thank you to the person that taught the original workshop.

Using my new 4000D

This is my first effort on my new sewing machine. 88,000 stitches.. WOW! Hopefully one day it will be the front of a cover for my new machine.. but I have too many Christmas projects to make one yet.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Lucy takes a trip!

Yesterday 3rd November I drove a 230 miles round trip in Lucy my MX5 to buy a Brother Innovis 4000D sewing machine and embroidery unit, the only problem was I had no idea how big the box of hoops and all the extra items the person selling it had. What a problem getting it in the car ! I couldn't even put the sewing machine, in its case, in the tiny boot and the front seat [ it's only a 2 seater and I had to sit somewhere!! ] was crammed full, but I managed it, and now I cannot wait to use it. This machine has hardly seen a thread and many of the things with it are still in their original wrappers.
High on my "to do" list is to make a fabric cover for her [ yes her name is Brenda!]... watch this space!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Design table 25th October

My design wall this week, is actually my table, as my design wall is still the same as last week, but I have started another project. offered a deal on SunBonnet Sue machine embroidery patterns that I just could not resist, so spend the day sewing them out. I have no idea what size this quilt will end up or who it will be for, one of the granddaughters no doubt! I just enjoyed the patterns. They are all 9 1/2" blocks with matching floral fabric blocks in between... well thats the plan this morning!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Design Wall October 17th

My design wall this week, has a completed front of a cushion and another [poppies] in the making, plus a Christmas hanging that just needs a little finishing.

A Starfish starts to take shape

Abigail will be performing in a ballet in November and I was asked to do the "Grandma bit?" and make her an outfit... this is the start, made of foam and sewn together I intend to glue of lots of sequins and sparkles. Needless to say she wanted to wear it, and had fun getting through doorways!


We are in the "birthday season" Mum celebrated her 96th birthday on the 15th with a lunch for 6 friends, while granddaughter Eleanor was 3yrs old today and had a Peppa Pig day!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

A few Christmas Ideas

Do you have any Christmas gift ideas? The tree heart ornament is made by cutting 3 heart shape pieces of card, then cut out 3 shapes [1/4 inch bigger than card] in fabric, glue them on [or tack] and sew them together to make the shape in the picture, adding a hanging ribbon and bead or bell decoration to the base.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Design wall beginning October

January, February and March 12 1/2" blocks are made, ready for joining together at the next BOM BSK [Bedford] meeting.
I am really enjoying this project, each month we make a new Sun Bonnet Sue [ never my favorite before] block, using applique, fancy stitches on the sewing machines and machine embroidery.
It is nice to see different sewing techniques being combined, I cannot wait to finish all twelve.

IAM meeting 7th October

What a fun day was had yesterday at our IAM meeting in my workroom. We had a bag workshop.
Top row Penny, Dorn and Clare
Bottom row Jenny, Ann and mine.
It's amazing how different these bags look in the array of colours and fabrics.

Having finished the bags after lunch a quick session of making a heart shape Christmas decoration was underway... only problem no one had brought anything to do this, so my fabric stash, card, ribbon and beads were sorted through to make them... wonder how much fabric this will take off my "stash busting"??

The Rocket and the Cancer Sampler

A friend from Church sent me a message that a Lego Rocket Technic was for sale on Market Place and he thought Chris should have it. The guy ...