Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Last day of November

Another month almost gone, and still I have trouble walking, but the Physio seemed happy with my progress even though it is slow. He really put me through the mill yesterday so today is recovery day!

I have managed to complete another pair of socks, and they match as near as possible which is always a miracle.
These should keep my toes warm as soon as I get out of the elasticated stockings the Hospital want me to wear.

A friend gave me a Woolwarehouse voucher for my birthday and it was fun choosing what to buy. In the end I decided I would like to make the new CAL [crochet along] that starts on Attic24 blog in January. Woolwarehouse sell a pack of the wool required, so I am ready to go as soon as the first instructions are available.
The idea of the blanket is from the Yorkshire moors and I just loved the colours.
The CAL runs through January and February, most of which I will be spending in Spain so a great project to work on.

So exciting when the package arrived

Cannot wait to start

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Sizzix machine

Each December the IAM group that meet monthly at my home have a Christmas party. We like to play games (more on that later) and when I can think of something instead of bringing their own projects to work on I, or a member of the group, like to organise a mini workshop.

Last Christmas a friend sent me an angel and I thought it would make a great project for the group. Luckily I had put it somewhere I could find it. I have everything I need to cut out kits for everyone so I organised my table with a stool for my leg ( have to try and keep the swelling down) and used my Sizzix machine to cut out card shapes ( great recycling of my Get Well cards) . Next I cut out a pile of cushion soft for the padding of the faces.

Working in my Happy Room
It feels great getting back into my happyroom, even though with a temporary bed to allow me to do exercises without having to climb the stairs, it looks such a mess.

I still have to cut out the main fabric shapes but I am waiting for a large circle cutter for my Sizzix that hopefully will come this week. Since writing this post I have been informed by EBay that I will not get the cutter I ordered and they have refunded me the money! A local store has the same cutter on sale so I now await delivery again.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Another year older

Sorry for the blog post delay but I have just not felt like making conversation while trying to get back on my feet. It is now four weeks since the new knee and although each day brings a little improvement I am getting bored and frustrated with the recovery process.
Two more Physio visits since my last post mean I now walk with just one stick and the bend in the knee joint is improving. The hospital also gave me another pair of white elastic stockings so at least both legs look the same and I have lost the Zebra look.

Some of my many birthday cards
Sunday I clocked up another birthday and the get well cards had to come down to make room for the many birthday cards I received. Amongst my gifts were five balls of sock wool and the Stylecraft Attic 24 kit for the up and coming CAL (crochet along) that starts in January. I think I am going to be busy this winter with needles and hook.
Five balls of 4ply sock wool will keep my busy

My embroidery machine has seen some action, and I have managed to start work on an Allison quilt with blocks by Sweet Pea design. I had prepared everything to work on this project before I went into hospital but it has taken me a while to feel like doing it. I am now really enjoying the blocks.
The first eight machine embroidery blocks

While sitting with my leg encased in a cold cuff to try and get the swelling down I have been busy working on another pair of socks, one is finished and the partner started. I love seeing the different colours of the wool appear and especially like turning the heels.
Sock knitting and hot chocolate... yummy

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Two weeks post op

Well I have survived and here we are two weeks after a total knee replacement on October 20th.

This is my second knee to be replaced, the first was three years ago and different in many ways from this time even with the same surgeon.
Knee #1 meant I was given an epidural which did not work so I then had to have a general anaesthetic which knocked me out for what seem like days.
New knee I was again given an epidural and immediately my right leg went dead but it was the left leg needed deadening so they had to turn me on my side to make it work. So far so good, but then they wheeled me into the operating theatre still wide awake, lights action etc.. I do not want to see this so Sleepy juice was administered and I woke up two hours later in post op.
I don't remember much about the next day other than Physio making me get out of bed!
Zebra legs ! Why do they not have the same colours? I have to wear these for six weeks !

Three nights in hospital and then home, agony getting into the car but with Chris's help I managed it.

  Visitors came and went bringing cards, flowers, colouring books and chocolates. I really do thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Just a few of the many cards I received.

As it was half term Richard brought the girls over on Friday 28 th to carve pumpkins and we had a KFC meal. Although I could not really join in it was lovely to hear the chatter and fun.
Great work girls, and Richard!

Sunday two of the Elders from Church brought me the sacrament and gave me a blessing, which I really appreciated.

Each day Chris helped me do my set exercises and even the smallest improvement felt like winning a gold medal.

Tuesday was the dreaded trip to the start of Physio. Again getting in and out of the car is difficult but we managed to get me there. I had no idea when I was to have my clips or stitches removed so made enquiries. Tom, my Physio, took off the dressing and informed me I had been glued, no clips or stitches to be removed! Last time I think there were about thirty stitches had to be painfully removed.
Amazing what they can do to improve things in just three years.
Tom then re dressed the wind and gently made me bend my knee more... ouch ouch ouch!
He also said I was to walk outside for ten minutes a day.
Flowers to make me smile.

Yesterday I had two visitors in the morning managed to walk a few doors along the street for my ten minutes, and then friends came in the afternoon. A busy day that went quickly, so it was early to bed.

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