Friday, 30 April 2021

29th April Railway walk

Yesterday we decided to walk part of the old railway we had not been on before. Starting near Maidwell.
This looked interesting so we followed the lovely old brick path
But it just led through to rough ground and a picnic bench, so back to the main trail.
Love the shadows and blue sky, plus it is easy walking.

Love these old wooden signs

wonderful old ‘up and over’ walking bridge.
 The actual steps had been removed, but it was a beautiful example of old iron work and seemed to be far from anywhere!

All the benches, and there are quite a few, have names on them, but this one makes you wonder who B B is? I like their view.

A sign of new life, this little foal did not leave it’s mother’s side.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Exciting very long parcel arrives

I was expecting a delivery of a couple of pans for the oven when this arrived!

A very long parcel. 

Chris moved the cars off the drive and between us we managed to install the new canopy on the caravan.
I think Chris is working out how to raise the front!

This will be a great addition to our set up, plus now it is fitted it stays in its bag on the roof line and will be very easy to set up.
Cleverly the legs and side struts slide into the front casing, then it is rolled up and zipped into the bag attached to the roof.

Roll on the next holiday when we can make the most of it.

Ps. Still no sign of the oven pans.

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Saturday Rhos-on-Sea

Decided on a walk along the sea front at Rhos-on-Sea this morning.
Man alive!! It sure is windy and the sea looks really rough crashing against the sea wall.

We stretched our legs and then home for Spaghetti Bolognaise and hot chocolate.
There is always someone in shorts! [person on the left] The tide is in and crashing over the rocks.
Sign said ‘no dogs on the beach’ I think it should add no humans on the beach at this moment.

Friday, 23 April 2021

Thursday and Friday the wonders of nature

Thursday the day was clear so we set off to the view points listed on the map we had been given when we arrived.
This was the view to Anglesey and the Isle of Man in the distance
View to the Lake District on the right far away

Both were tiny dots in the distance, but we had a nice drive around ending at the coast.
We were told where the nearest fish and chip shop was situated, so checked it out for Friday but it had been turned into an Indian Curry House [Yuk!].

Today is Friday and as fish and chips are not on the menu we had a tinny meal, and just decided to stay at the site. I keep a selection of tinned foods really for emergencies, but it was really nice. The sun is again very hot when the slight breeze drops. 

I cannot believe we have been nowhere to spend any money other than the Water Gardens donation in almost a week. When on holiday we both like to shop normally, but these are not normal times. However the no-spend went up the Shute today as we ordered a sun canopy for the side of the caravan.
We had talked about it since buying the ‘van and did some research and ordered a Fiamma Caravan Store 310XL canopy that slots into the runner around the roof. It will be so nice for our next trip. I really cannot sit out in the sun, unlike my sun worshipping husband, I just burn and get headaches.

Took a walk around the site and here’s a few photos.
Still the only caravan on the site

Lichen always fascinates me, I love the texture
Chris doing what Chris likes to do.
There are least three yachts that we can see from the caravan.

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Wednesday at the Water Gardens

We were not sure if the Water Gardens were open but decided to go for a drive anyway. Not only were they open it was all free.
Sadly the Pancake house was not open, but we wandered around the many ponds and nature trails.
This pheasant had the most amazing colours.

Chris admiring the view. We seemed to be the only visitors and had the place to ourselves.
Lots of different wild life to see in the many ponds and enclosures.

This chicken met us as we got out of the car and followed us around the trails !

On the way back we drove through Conwy with its magnificent castle.

A grand day out [as Gromit would say!].

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Tuesday a walk in the woods

Another lovely sunny day, so we decided to make the most of the weather and go for a walk in the woods.

When we arrived on site we were given a hand drawn map of useful places together with a pile of tourist board leaflets.

Our caravan location is Ffrith Wen CL. Number 2 was a circular walk in the woods [ about an hour]
We parked easily and enjoyed the circular walk.
Setting off on the trail.

Time for a breather and taking in the views from the highest spot.

Many of the Tourist place leaflets are still closed or under Covid restrictions, so we are very grateful for the thoughtful CL owner for the map.
We are hoping for a less misty day to go to the view points, but this morning even the local mountains have disappeared in the cloud.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Monday trip to Llandudno

The sun came out today so a trip to Llandudno and the sea was on the cards.
We walked along the promenade enjoying the view and the warm weather.

Every few yards these signs were in evidence, Wales has fared better than England during this pandemic.

One of our favourite statues is the Mad Hatter
The White Rabbit Trail has ten of these statutes, this is number 7.
The Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse sat at one end of a long table and as Alice approached they said No Room, No Room, No Room!
There is plenty of room said Alice.
In case you want a Welsh lesson.

Back to Ffrith Wen we had dinner outside in the sunshine and Chris spent the afternoon in shorts and T shirt sunbathing.
It was too sunny for me [not a sun lover] so I had a snooze and then did some knitting. 
This is the life.

Monday, 19 April 2021


We set off from home at 9am for the three and a half hour journey to North Wales.
Everything was fine and the motorways fairly clear, after a couple of hours we stopped for hot chocolate and tea in the Service Station car park.
This was my first time of using the stove in the new-to-us caravan.
Back on the motorway we came to a complete stop, four lanes of stationary traffic between the next two junctions the road was down to one lane.
Next sign the section was closed and everyone had to come off, it was over an hour of waiting.
Luckily I had my sock knitting with me, and completed the ribbing !
When we eventually left the M6 the roads were full to bursting and it was a slow stop start to find a lay-by and use our facilities and have lunch.

4.30pm we arrived at Fritz Wen CL along a very narrow lane with passing places.  The owner of the farm met us with a handful of leaflets and map of the area. We are the only ‘van on this four ‘van site this week, probably as this is the first week since lockdown that we have been allowed into Wales.

We sited on pitch number 2.
A well laid out site with lovely views.
View from the front window.
The sun goes down over the hills and the sea is just visible on the right.

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Using up the scraps

I have a large hamper of scraps, so decided to use them to make a ‘house’ quilt.

So far there does not seem to be even a dent in the pile.
Just playing with scraps to machine embroider a house wall hanging probably to hang over the bed, but may just be a fun quilt.
Considering the last ‘house’ quilt made by machine was just red and white, this is a big change for me, just picking up random fabrics. Although as you will see i am using the same sky and grass fabrics, cannot sew too much random!!
I hope to get a few more sewn today before we go on our first caravan trip this year.

Chris has been busy using the Motor Mover to move the caravan to the drive before Mr Tesco delivers all the food for the trip direct to its door.
Sneaking round the house from its new parking space to the drive ready for the off tomorrow.

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Sweetpea machine embroidery

Just could not resist another pattern from Sweetpea embroidery machine designs.

Such a nice sunny runner.

Second Covid vaccine

This morning Chris and I had our second Covid vaccine.

Two weeks and we will ready to start gradually making more contacts.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Old hands, new gloves

Managed to finish my latest fingerless mitts last night, I am really pleased with the length of them, now Ned to make a pair of socks to match!

Chris is fighting a battle with the heron that keeps fishing in our pond.
He has installed a spiders web of grids just under the water line, stringed across the top of the pond, but still the heron keeps coming.
Today we are installing a net over the whole pond, so hope they will be safe while we are away on holiday.

The Friendship bracelet lap quilt.
Pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop, Jolly Bar 3 book.
Ready for its batting and backing.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Lavender Fields

Joined an on line machine embroidery group and machine embroidered Fields of Flowers by

Changed it up by making the multi flower fields into lavender fields, memories of Norfolk.

This wall hanging will go along side my seaside scene.

I now need to search the machine embroidery sight to see if there are any more of these designs, they sew out beautifully.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Cooking, games and sewing

Yesterday was a busy day in the kitchen.
I made 14 double helpings of bolognaise, we ate one and I froze down the rest.
A rhubarb and stem ginger crumble, thanks Dorn & Bill for the rhubarb.
Two loaves of bread and then I needed a hot chocolate and a sit down !
While having my sit down the post lady delivered my March Sew Sampler Box.
Again I am thrilled with the contents.

The family had loaned us some add on games for the Ticket to Ride Game, so after lunch we played the Pennsylvania version.

Chris won, but it was a great game.

I also managed to do a little to my Friendship Braclet blocks.
Four completed blocks, loving the plain colours.

Biopsy, bruises and a block finish

Thursday I went into hospital at 10.30 for my lung biopsy, the staff could not have been nicer and put me at ease. The procedure meant lying...