Monday, 30 September 2013


cuddles with Grandad
I've no idea where the last ten years went, but today is Abigail's tenth birthday.
The Right / Left game
More bubbles and fun
Walking the plank in the garden
Ten candles on the cake
I remember vividly the day she was born, our first grandchild arrived by emergency Cesarean and was then in a special care unit, we were all so worried for her and her mother, Jacqueline.
A few days later they were allowed home and she has brought such joy to the whole family.

Yesterday the family came for lunch and after a roast pork dinner, we played parcel the jelly! A version of pass the parcel! with cries of "another game please Grandma" I quickly wrapped 6 more items for a Right / Left game at the table.

Then time for a breath of fresh air and we all had bubbles in the garden and then games of Boules on the side lawn.

Richard had made Abigail her favourite chocolate cake, which we all tucked into.


Higham Piecemakers Quilt Show

Saturday Chris and I visited Higham Ferrers Bede House, a wonderful old building full of history to view the Quilt show.
The hall was buzzing with people and the displays were wonderful for this small group.

The view down the hall

Busy selling

Christmas display

Months of the year

Love the embroidery

A very pretty quilt

Great colours
My favourite
The photos are just a very small part of this Bi-Annual show.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bags with Tiny Workshop

My bag with handle unfinished

Next months workshop

The view from my sewing machine!

Penny and I set off on a miserable foggy morning to attend a workshop at Milton Keynes [ not my favourite city]. Found the venue without any trouble and joined about a dozen ladies to make a bag with Tiny.It was an interesting workshop and I really like the bag, although I didn't quite manage to finish the handle [ it is made from the scraps left over from cutting out the main parts of the bag and will be shoulder length].
Thanks Tiny for another great workshop. Look forward to the next one in October making a door stop.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Garden friends

Garden friends

Since getting back from Spain it has been go go go, getting things sorted, washing done, shopping etc.
This afternoon was time to sort out 4 weeks growth in the garden and start to get it ready for the Winter. Everything was looking very sad and neglected, so we attacked it with gusto.
While working near the pond quite a few frogs and toads came out to see us, and I even managed to feed one of them a worm I dug up! 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Chris enjoys another birthday

Chris celebrated his birthday today. An invitation to spent most of the day and a lovely mid day meal with our son Richard and his family. Abigail and Eleanor had time to play with the holiday gifts we had brought them from Spain before sitting down to roast beef and all the trimmings. Next on the menu was a wonderful iced birthday cake complete with candles.
His gift from Richard and Jacqueline consisted of a first aid kit and a Space blanket, to be used in his new role of 4 x 4 rescuer for people in need during the winter months
My present was a new clutch for his Land Rover. I'm sure presents used to be more exciting than this!

Abigail & Eleanor enjoying one of their holiday presents

63 candles just would not fit, but the cake was delicious

Saturday, 21 September 2013

19th - 20th SPAIN

Our final few days, were spent sun bathing, shopping [ many bargains from a local Cancer Charity shop] working on my Amish x stitch, playing backgammon on my iPad and generally enjoying ourselves.

One of the acrobatic planes that flew over regularly

Outdoor BBQ

BBQ 7 - 11.30 at Cafe Golf
Singer as Diana Ross
Final progress on the Amish X stitch
Our final evening in San Javier was spent at an outdoor buffet with live entertainment by the Caballeros. Four singers performed for 3 hours, dresses as the Beatles, Abba, Sister Act, Buddy Holly, ELO, Andrews sister, Mick Jagger and many others. They were really great.
Our last day 20th was spent packing eating fish and chips [ we just could not resist them] and driving back to Alicante to catch our 7.40pm flight with Monarch, all went smoothly and we were home about 11.30pm very tired but having enjoyed one of the best holidays.

14th - 18th SPAIN

More visits to street markets. One being a Charity stall market, where I bought amongst other things a skirt and matching top for 1 Euro [80p]. A girl was sitting painted gold from head to top knitting, a donation in her cup meant I could have my photo taken with her.
On one of the very hot days we took a trip to the Ricote Valley [ Air conditioner in the car full on!] with a visit to Thermal baths to see the roman ruins.
Wednesday saw us back at the Camp Site just up the road for the quiz evening, we went early enough to eat before the fun began. Having again won biscuits and wine for the worse score in the quiz! we stayed for a game of deal or no deal, where Pauline was chosen [by admission ticket] to play the game, she won 25 Euros.

Street Market at Alcazares

"Gold" lady sitting knitting

Archaeological ruins

Map of the Ricots Valley

Ricote Valley

Colourful rock formations

Water Wheel

More progress on the X stitch

Me paddling in the sea

Chris enjoying the sea
Wash basin in the toilets at Des Mares
Chris enjoying a Tony Burger!
Pauline chosen to play Deal or No deal
Pauline with her 25 Euro winnings.

11th - 13th SPAIN

During these few days we seemed to cram in a lot of activity. Pat took us to a very nice Hotel on the sea front for Happy Hour, then across the promenade to Pier Restaurant for a three course meal for a mere 69 Euros. The setting was wonderful.
One day was spent with borrowed sewing machines working on designs Pauline and I had taken with us to Spain to teach Pat a few new things. The room fans kept the temperature in the house bearable while we worked on samples and bottle covers etc..
Back to Lui's Lounge for his wonderful fish and chips on the Friday.

Chris using the new vacuum cleaner

Progress on the Amish X stitch

Pat, Pauline and I have a sewing day

Sewing completed on the sewing day

Brian and Chris enjoying Happy Hour

Eating dinner with Pat Brian and Pauline on the Pier

Starters on the Pier Restaurant

Fish & chips at Lui's Lounge

The BEST Fish & Chips

8th - 10th SPAIN

This is a re-cap of our second week in Spain.
The temperature was in the low 30's most of the time but reached 35 degrees one day.. very hot!
A trip through the countryside to see the Design House was very interesting, we passed a Restaurant at Rebate that is on our list for next year.
Asked the villa owner, Mike, if we could book for 4 weeks next year and as the vacuum cleaner had broken we bought a new one as our deposit!
Our friends Pauline & Brian arrive to stay in the villa next to ours, so we start with a meal out at Route 66.

Swimming pool viewed from our roof

Washing on the roof dry in 1/2 a day!

Sun set from the roof

Restaurant at Rebate

Olives growing in the Rebate grounds

Turtle at Rebate

View from the Grand Design House

Grand Design House
Pauline & Brian join us for meal at Route 66

Biopsy, bruises and a block finish

Thursday I went into hospital at 10.30 for my lung biopsy, the staff could not have been nicer and put me at ease. The procedure meant lying...