Wednesday, 18 August 2021

The Postman cheered me up

A couple of days ago the Postman deliver two boxes full of goodies.
This box was a special edition and I love the fabrics for a complete kit to make the pattern.

My monthly  subscription box a selection  of fabrics, rotary cutting blade plus other goodies.

On the health front I am due for a CT scan on Saturday, prior to going to Oxford to see specialist and still struggling the anxiety but I am trying to be more positive. 
I struggle to doing any sewing but I have taken back my kitchen and cooking meals again.

Saturday, 14 August 2021

The Story so far

 Cancelled trips, and no craft work, even no blogging.

I have debated hard and long if I should write about my recent events.

I few weeks ago I had a suspected mild stroke and this sent my anxiety sky rocketing. The Doctor gave me tablets to help control the constant shaking, nothing seemed to help and I was referred to a different doctor at the hospital, who ordered an MRI and Vascular scan. The appointment came though in two days for both the MRI and scan.

I was told it would be only about 4 minutes in the MRI scanner and I thought I could cope with lying still for such a short time. Half an hour later I came out the machine including having dye pumped into my hand. The staff were so caring and nice. Meanwhile Chris who was not allowed in with me, had been phoned to see where I was for the Vascular Scan. 

We made our way to Integrated Surgery and were seen almost immediately, back to the MRI unit and then told Doctor Brawn wanted to see me before I left the building. This is a rambling old hospital and we walked what felt like another mile to find her.

The good news is I did not have a stroke, but the bad news they had found something in my brain in the speech side. I now have to wait for another full body MRI and then being referred to a specialist hospital in Oxford. It is a scary time and I can hardly give my attention to anything.

Chris has been by my side constantly, the prayers of my church and a blessing by one of the elders have helped.

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