Thursday, 30 April 2020

The Summer House

The Summer House has arrived from Albany Sheds, of course after weeks of glorious weather it arrived on a rainy day!
Taken from inside the house, the lorry arrived with the new summer house

Next morning a brief spell of dry weather I take a look at the ‘wood pile’

Chris paints the back panels with Sadolin, as once the building is in place he will not be able to get to it.

The men arrive next week to assemble it, I then need to decide on the colour scheme and furniture [when I can get it] for inside.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Feeling sad

Feeling sad, we were due to fly to the USA today to start the 5 week holiday of a lifetime, travelling from Chicago in an RV to LA on Route 66, then back to Chicago spending 3 days on a train... Covid 19 meant it all had to be cancelled.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

The new [OLD] hobby

Today we are having much needed rain, which does not bode well for the new Summer House that is due to arrive any minute!
However I decided I needed something new to do, I think this is part of the Virus, starting too many new projects.

In the dim distant past I was a lacemaker tutor and taught all over the USA, attended workshops in Belgium and France and organised tours for lacemakers. I also taught locally both through the Adult education system and privately.
I retired from all this 16 years ago when I had the opportunity to look after my first granddaughter two days a week, a very special time for me.

My lace pillows were put away and teaching equipment sold, making me enough money to buy a sports car, but that’s another story!

Today I dusted off one of my pillows that still has a piece of simple lace on it, it has taken some serious thinking to remember what I was doing 16 years ago, but I am loving it again.
Most of the bobbins are dated 1980-2000 and tell the story of my lace adventures.
Really pleased I kept the thread I was using with a bag of spare bobbins.

Ps. I still have drawers full of bobbins and equipment that have not seen the light of day for 16 years.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Sunday in April

Well here we are again almost at the end of another month on the Covid 19 pandemic. Most of the time I can cope with staying home thinking it will soon end, but Chris got a letter yesterday from the NHS telling him to stay home until at least the end of June! I may have to start a new project!!

My La Passion hexagons are making good progress.  I mostly pick them up and sew them in the evenings watching TV.

I need to make a total of six of the black edged design, and SIXTY SIX of the small shapes to add to my centre panel.
This is going to be a long job.

I have also managed to machine together Moda Blockheads 3 pattern 13, I still have to catch up on 14 and 15 before number 16 is released on Wednesday.
The Baldwin by Jen Kingwell as a 12 inch block.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

The garden

Took a walk around the garden and Spring is definitely in the air.
I cannot believe this Geranium is still in flower, I have never know one last through the winter before.

I love Lavender and this plant is about to put on a lovely display.

The Rhododendron rescued from my Uncles house many years ago is just in bud.

The Raspberry bed given to me by my sister a few years ago was cut to the ground on Valentine’s Day and now has a lot of new growth.
I can expect a bumper crop in August/September again.

The Wisteria hanging over the raspberry bed will be a picture with a new more days of sunshine.

Tea time

Looks like we are in for a nice Tea Time.  I have been baking this morning.
Started a couple of loaves off and proved them on the sunny windowsill in my Happy Room.
This was the second prove in the tin before placing two large ice cubes in the bottom of my oven and baking them for 30 minutes.
While the bread was doing its thing I made a Mary Berry Stem ginger tray bake.

The smell of the cake and bread are almost too much to resist !

I am definitely not known for cooking as it takes away from my sewing time which I much prefer, but with the stay at home enforced on us I am starting to get a passion for cooking! Bang goes the diet!

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Visit to the surgery

What I thought was a really bad attack of IBS just did not get any better after two weeks, and I could stand the pain no longer, so phoned the surgery and the doctor agreed to see me in 20 minutes! Chris drove me to the surgery car park, first time in a car for 4 weeks! I had to wait in the car until they phoned to say I could go in, where all the staff were masked and gloved. The Doctor was wearing scrubs, a mask and gloves... it all looked like a bad dream.  
After a really good but painful examination it turns out I have pulled a muscle near my hip and may take weeks to improve. Ibuleve gel was recommended as I cannot take the tablets and paracetamol for the pain. To save going into the pharmacy I ordered the gel from Amazon Prime [what would we do with out this service at this time?] and it arrived next morning.

Two days have now passed and I cannot say I really feel any better, the worse thing being I struggle to use my sewing machine pedal, and of course all I want to do is sew.  I have made a little progress on my La Passion hand sewing project.
Completed stage One.

Staying safe, staying home and concocting meals from what I have. Luckily I have managed to get a few home deliveries and a neighbour offers to get me shopping if needed when she is going herself.  We will get through this terrible pandemic.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

The Labyrinth

Some time ago I cut out all the pieces for a Labyrinth quilt and eagerly waited to make a start putting it together.
Sadly the extremely painful IBS I have been suffering from for over a week has meant little sewing has been done.
I have managed to make a small start and feel very frustrated that I cannot sew for any length of time.

I managed to finish a pair of UFO socks.

Going going gone

As we continue to self isolate and unable to go on our USA holiday next week we have ordered a new summer house.
This means the old falling apart one has to go, so in between controlling for the 4x4 rescue service Chris has managed to demolish it.
Talking of the 4x4 rescue service, it has been really busy delivering food parcels to the vulnerable and medicines etc etc. In fact I am beginning to think Chris lives in his shed on his computers controlling who goes where etc.

Back to the Summer house..
Starting to remove the glass.

Doors gone and now to tackle the roof.

Just the back two panels left to go, but just look at the beautiful weather we are having.

Opps, the back fence panel has fallen in pieces and exposing us to the neighbours garden.
Photo taken from the bridge over the pond.

No means of getting a new panel so Chris makes one from the old building to fit the space.
This will not be seen once the new Summer House arrives, and it is brown on the neighbours side.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Happy Easter

Made this on my Embroidery Machine to celebrate this unusual Easter.
Missing egg hunts with the family, Church services and outdoor life in general.
Stay safe everyone

Thursday, 9 April 2020


At last something exciting happened around here... well I was excited..
Big swishy box left on the doorstep

20 Red Goldfish being gently lowered into my pond to get use to the temperature and meet the 6 inmates already in there.
Since opening the bag they have been swimming around happy in their new environment, meeting the many frogs, toads and newts.

I could spend all day sitting watching them.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Catching up

How often do I say I am catching up? Even though we are staying home in quarantine time seems to run away from me.
However I have had a bad IBS attack and it has laid me low for a few days, anyone who suffers with this will know the terrible pain it causes.

Enough of my woes, I am at least able to enjoy my garden and Happy Room today.
This package arrived a few days ago

I managed to put it together with a little brute force from Chris.
Now all I need are some plants to put in it.
My sister gave me a pot of Lilac Wonder crocus some time ago and the first flower has appeared.
Such a pretty flower, isn’t nature wonderful.

Another UFO pair of socks completed.

Friday, 3 April 2020

The Rainbow

The rainbow is a sign of hope, and a lot of people around here have them in their windows.
I made a pathetic attempt and googled a rainbow to print and put in my window, but yesterday made amends. 
I sorted through my stash of Stylecraft DK yarn and a size 4.5 crochet hook, I wanted it to look a bit lacey.  Orange was not a colour I had obviously used in the past and had to substitute with a sort of brownish orange. We just have to make do in these times of quarantine.
Now to keep its shape, I found a red wire coat hanger, cut the hook off and threaded it through the holes in the design.
It turned out a lot bigger than I thought but the thought is there, lets hope this Virus that is affecting the world soon disappears.
Stay home, stay safe.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Day 20 busy in the kitchen

April 1st  the start of a new month, and hopefully getting closer to the Corona virus being a thing of the past.

Having started more new projects I will not be able to leave the house even when we can, I have too much to do... got to keep busy.

I have had a busy morning in the kitchen cooking, and lucky me Chris did all the washing up!

4 cottage pies [ two eaten today for dinner]
4 tubs of Bolognaise each one containing 4 helpings.
Plus a bread and butter pudding [ also started for dessert and yummy it was too!]

Time for a rest and visit to the garden.

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