Wednesday, 10 December 2014

15 Sleeps to Christmas

Today I'm thinking about what I will cook, what I need to order and buy for Christmas Day when the family will be with us. So I thought this little Christmas over glove was appropriate for my 15 days to Christmas sewing item. The trouble is hes too cute to use!
Christmas oven mitt

Last night Chris and I went to the Evergreen's Christmas party at Church. The organisation is incredible as Sister Mace is in charge of producing a wonderful traditional Christmas meal for about two dozen people on a [could be better ] stove. The youth were all dressed neatly in white tops and black skirts or trousers and waited on the tables before singing carols. Brother Mike Wade had organised some games and told the sort of jokes you find in crackers, in fact I think most of them came out of crackers!  It was a splendid evening and an ideal way to get into the Christmas Spirit.


Christa said...

Sounds wonderful. Was it a fundraiser?

Happy Room Diana said...

A Fundraiser is when things are made and sold to raise money for a charity or worthy event.

Christa said...

We have fundraisers (for charity) where you pay entry fee. Nothing to buy. Entertainment.

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