Friday, 5 December 2014

20 Sleeps to Christmas

5th December already! How did that happen?

Yesterday was our IAM Christmas party, one member was missing as she was in the air flying back from Australia [missed you Ann].
We started the morning either working on our own projects or making twisted thread bags. I actually manged to make two.

The group take it in turns to bring dessert, and this year it was Shirley's turn and she brought two delicious Roulades plus some nibble goodies. Shirley also decided to take over sorting and doling out the gifts much to every ones amusement.

There are eight of us in the group and we all buy 7 £2 gifts, which is always fun and somehow over the years the gifts are rarely repeated. We certainly had some lovely things this year.

Also we buy a Fat Quarter and play a Right / Left game. I try to read the story as quickly as possible to make it more fun.

Next we all bring a £5 to play another game, this year we had a dice game which went quite well, as Ann had left her presents with me before she flew out to Aussie, we designated an angel ornament as Ann to make sure she had a turn and won a prize. [ With a combined age of over 550 we know how to have fun and laughter]

Shirley, Clare, Maureen, Penny, me, Jenny standing, Dorn behind the camera.

 Today's look around my Christmas sewing a table runner, that I loved making a couple of years ago.

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