Sunday, 21 December 2014

4 Sleeps to Christmas

Oh dear something is missing!!!
Yes you guessed, my embroidery machine went "clunk" in the middle of sewing out a very large railway carriage. It is now in the "sewing machine hospital" in the hopes Mike at BSK has time to fix it on Monday. I plan to leave the sewing in the hoop in the hopes I can re-aline it when I get my machine back and complete the piece.

To add to our unexpected expenses the light fitting over the dining room table went bang and now has to be replaced, it matches the one in the lounge so that is two new light fittings required asap after Christmas.
Table set by Christmas tree and candle light

Friends came for dinner and to play cards last night, luckily we had enough light from the part of the ceiling light that was still working. It was a great evening playing three of our favourite card games.
I experimented with part of the meal and it was a complete failure, so a quick change of plans and I think it all went OK.

A simple fabric panel with the true meaning of Christmas hangs in my kitchen on the pantry door.

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Christa said...

Oh no. I feel for you. I know how much you like that machine. Fingers crossed!

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