Wednesday, 17 December 2014

8 Sleeps to Christmas

The Hamtune Quilters Party last night was great fun. The fun started with three quilt related quizzes, Penny and I won a prize for completing the most. The table was groaning with food so next came a food break, which was most enjoyable.
Everyone was then arranged into a circle and given three raffle tickets each, ten prizes were placed in the middle of the circle and the other half of the raffle tickets were placed in a bowl. As a number was called the person with that number collected a prize from the middle of the room until all the prizes were gone. The numbers were continued to be called and this meant stealing a prize from a person who already had it, this caused much laughter as everyone wanted the "cuddly toy" to start with. When all the numbers had gone if you still had a prize you kept it, needless to say I didn't win anything. [ all my prizes were stolen!]
Next we were all told to stand and play the right / left game with the little gifts we had brought along. How come people that make wonderful quilts and do amazing craft work do not know their right and left!!
Finally time to go home and it was pouring with rain and for some reason I missed the drive and landed up driving across part of the garden and lawn... what a mess! And NO I had not been drinking!

Place mats for the Christmas table

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