Sunday, 7 December 2014

18 Sleeps to Christmas

Burton Latimer saw the meeting of 14 relatives for a very interesting day yesterday. My cousin Helen had arranged for us to meet at The Heritage Centre, where they had a most interesting display of WW1 items.
Helen had organised for there to be commemorative stones made for her parents [ my Mum's brother and his wife] and our Uncle Charles [ another of Mum's brothers]. In typical Helen's style she had brought along her fathers old wind up record player complete with 78 record. Chris wound it up and the Church yard echoed to a record of bell ringing!
Pam, Robin, John & Mick Pridmore, Margaret
It was a nice meeting as now all five siblings  have commemorative stones in the same Church yard.
Mick Pridmore, my Chris, Jesse and Helen Wood

John Percival Ashby 1910 - 1981 [m. Loakes]
Helen Elizabeth Ashby 1912 - 1995 [m. Pridmore, Petty]
Catherine Mary Ashby 1914 - 2012 [m. Simons]
William George Ashby 1916 - 1990  [m. Wilkinson]
Charles Henry Ashby 1919 - 1986 [un married]

Our next stop was a meal at Vivo Restaurant, where the chatting and laughter never stopped.

Left : Chris, Chris. Jesse, Helen, Mike, Margaret, John
Right: Dave, Kim, Me, Chris and Pam [Robin behind the camera!]

My Christmas sewing for today is
This table will have the Christmas Tree on it a little nearer to THE DAY.

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