Wednesday, 3 December 2014

22 Sleeps to Christmas

Sometimes everything goes "haywire".  Last week Waitrose made a mistake on my shopping receipt and although a "boss" man in a suit told me how to correct it when I got home, he was wrong ! This morning I again visited the store and although my credit card would give me a zapper [ I like to zap as I go around seeing exactly how much I spend] it did not work and it took two people to sort it out and give me another. Due to be told the wrong things about last weeks bill they gave me a £5 voucher, which was probably twice what I would have saved, so I felt quite happy. Did my shopping and the self check out machine *** lets just say played up so much I had to have the girl three times to sort it out*** I think the moral of this story is it would have been quicker to just shop as normal and pay in cash, what a waste of time.

This afternoon we have someone coming to write new wills for us, it has been 15 years since the last time we made a will, and two granddaughters have arrived since then. I hope it goes smoothly.

Here's todays Christmas decoration
Santa making himself comfy

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