Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve 1 sleep to go....

Today feels like the calm before the storm!

All the presents are wrapped, the games prepared, even the Christmas tablecloth has had its annual ironing ready for the BIG day.

The food is in the fridge and I have a cooking plan, which seems to start at 7am tomorrow, but hey! I have been known to creep down around 3am to put a large turkey on to cook. Tomorrow as there are only six of us I have a turkey breast joint and large joint of beef.

The girls made a seating plan and angels with our names on so even that is taken care of.

All I need now is a light dusting of snow [ don't think there is any chance of that!]

I'd like to wish all my bloggers a very happy peaceful Christmas and New Year.

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hazel said...

Hi Diana I loved looking at all your Christmas decorations and the youngsters Angels etc are stunning taking after there Nan no doubt.

Hope you.have a lovely day, I can not believe the weather for the sun is shing like a summers day although I think the temperature is lower.

Hazel c uk

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