Monday, 29 December 2014

The Christmas jumpers

I'm happy to report the snow went away as quickly as it came, everywhere is now just white with frost and it is SO cold. I ventured out to feed the birds but I'm staying put now until this evening when we are visiting friends.

Husbands I find are so hard to buy Christmas gifts for and until a couple of days before the 25th I only had a car wash mitt for Chris. A friend was machine embroidering a picture onto a bought jumper that I thought looked really good, so I made a mad dash to buy two jumpers [ mostly in case I messed one up!] and I loaded them into my EM. Chris has two loves in his life, well maybe three with me! his old Land Rover and wolves.

I found a ME Land Rover design and stuck sticky to the frame [ I hate that stuff but at least it means there are no hoop marks on the jumper]. I turned the jumper inside out and "stuck" the place I wanted to embroider right side up, pegging the unwanted fabric to keep it from moving under the needle by mistake.
I floated two layers of 'stitch and tear' under the frame, lowered the tension to 3.2 [ default is 4].
Next was to find a blue colour thread as near as I could to his Land Rover, hope no one saw me holding blue threads up to the LR! then away I went watching it every moment to make sure nothing moved or got caught.  Brilliant no problems and I think it looks great.

Next I loaded the second jumper and went through the same procedure to sew out a wolf, except I did not go looking for a wolf to copy its colours [ha ha].

Chris seemed happy with his jumpers and as my embroidery machine broke down a day later I was so glad I managed to finish them.

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