Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I follow on facebook Donna Smallin Kuper , a professional organizer and author of How to Declutter and also receive her newsletters. I love some of the tips and ideas she has and is so willing to share.

Since Christmas I have put my plan into action and now have a table full of things to donate, plus some books and other things I have listed on www.ebay.co.uk   Item 151533195368 Fool's Puzzle by Benni Harper will take you to my items if you are interested.  At the moment there are a lot of fictional paper back books based on quilting.     flip-floplace   is my Ebay name.

Everything ON the table is for donation or listed on Ebay
Knowing where to start is always my problem and then getting sidetracked is my next problem!! However I sorted out a pile of empty boxes and labelled them with things like zips, bias binding, Velcro, sequins etc etc and as I came across anything that would go into one of the labelled boxes, in it went.  Eventually I will make nice neat labels and sort the boxes to match each other but for now its a start.
Mix match of boxes labelled to help me sort out.

A friend sent me a sign from facebook that reads

How true is this?

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