Friday, 2 January 2015

First finish of the year

I have managed to finish the crochet project I started in the summer of last year. It has been a real learning curve as I had not crocheted for years and then only very simple things. I had to learn a lot of new stitches and some leave a lot to be desired!
The edges are a bit wavy but it is a nice snuggle blanket that I am happy to put over my knees.

There is a lot of wool left over so I will have a search for something I can do with it, maybe another lap blanket? if you have any ideas please leave me a comment.


Christa said...

Great job. Love the colors. Yup, another blanket ... or one of you will be cold.

marly said...

Hi Diana. Happy New Year! You are no-reply so I could not email you with the info you requested about the pears. Yes, they are real Bosc pears studded with cloves and dried. My post Going Stag on October 29, 2012 shows the process. Messy fun!

Debbie said...

Check out Lucy's blog Attic 24. She has wonderful, simple, colorful crochet.

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