Saturday, 10 January 2015

Jason and the Land Rovers

Just before Christmas Jason Robertson the Rep for GLASS Oxfordshire was tragically killed in a road traffic accident. [Green Lane Association]
He was a huge supporter of Help for Heroes and arranged convoys of Land Rovers to raise funds.
Yesterday was his funeral so a Land Rover convoy was arranged to follow the Land Rover Hearse.
15 to 20 Land Rovers met at a Service Station near Banbury and followed the hearse. It was a very moving and fitting tribute to a much loved man.
Gathering at the M40 Services

Preparing for the 'off'

leaving the service station

Convoy on the M40 [ about 7 in front of us and 8 to 10 behind us ]

Car park full we parked in all the side roads

So many Land Rovers of every shape and size

Jason taking his final ride. 

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