Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Boiler man and my kitchen

The boiler man came and serviced our boiler on Monday afternoon which meant sorting out the kitchen for him to get at it.

When he had finished I thought it time to sort out my pantry, funny how one thing leads to another!

I try to be prepared for the unknown, and storing food is one of the things I try and do. I use an Excel sheet to keep a check on what I have but sometimes I need to do an inventory and the New Year is a good time for that. SO... I emptied the shelves in the pantry and sorted through anything that needs eating up and made a list of anything I need to stock up on when that item appears on sale. My kitchen looked like I was a kid playing grocers!  Chris was happy when he came home I cooked a tin of Chilli Con Carnie and rice that needed eating up for him.
Food everywhere

A nice tidy shelf

Room for more

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