Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Some you win... Some you loose

We decided to buy tickets for a chicken and chips with live music yesterday, for a show today, our friends said they would like to come to so Chris paid the €20 for the four tickets. We were glad they still had four seats left.

Having been here a week without going to a local market we thought we would visit the market at San Pedro. It is always nice to mix with the locals and see all the different things for sale. I liked a set of kitchen knives so Chris bought them for me €20 only.

The sun was shining and we felt good.

One minute later Chris had his wallet stolen from a pocket that had a Velcro flap holding it down! Gone were cash, credit cards, driving licence and store cards. We found the police who said to report it to the Guardia Station. The officer at the Police station was most unhelpful and just said come back with an interpreter!

Luckily we know a number of people that live in the same house block and Mark offered his help and also called a Spanish friend who offered to come as interpreter. I stayed home and they were gone about 2 hours! Chris returned with a wad of legal documents, so the credit cards were cancelled (luckily I had brought a spare or we would be in a real mess) the travel insurance company has been notified. Plus the police said to keep the paper work with us so Chris could prove why he has no driving licence.

We were both shattered by the events so threw two pizzas in the oven for dinner and watched movies all evening. Today is a new day and we are off with our friends for an afternoon of entertainment.



quiltergirl424 said...

So upset for you but as you say today is another day, the sun is shining and we shall see you later for a merry afternoon. I saw the knives when we went to the market on Sunday, better than the one I bought last year because they are in a stand.

Christa said...

What can I say, Diana? Bummer. I hope you don't let it spoil your hols there.So sorry.

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