Monday, 26 January 2015

Happy Sunday

I started the day with a visit to the nearest Church of Latter Day Saints at Torrevieja (3/4 of an hour away) for the Sacrement meeting. I was greeted like an old friend, even though I had only been there once before.

It is amazing how small the world is, one lady had a son living in Lumbertubs, another had a brother in Duston and a third knew someone in my home ward. All only a mile or so from where I live!

On the drive to Torrevieja I saw dozens of cyclists and the organisers were obviously putting up barriers and finishing posts for a big race, so I thought I was quite daring coming home a different way. Three cheers for Sean, my TomTom.

A lazy afternoon was followed by face book time with Abigail and the family back in England. An email earlier in the day said Abigail had been chosen to dance at The Royal Albert Hall in London did we want to go.... Try stopping us! So something to really look forward to at Easter.

It's now Monday morning and one load of washing is on the roof top line with another about to finish in the washing machine, then we will be all clean again for another week. Hard to remember the last time I put washing out at home and it dried, but here the wind and sun soon dry everything.

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