Saturday, 24 January 2015

Fish and Chips Friday

Friday we visited Pauline and Brian who are staying at their sons holiday home a few miles away. Our friend Pat came with us.

It was really nice looking around Sean's new home in Spain.

After the house tour we went to a local Fish and Chip resturant for dinner, yummy... The fish batter was really light just how I like it.

Later in the evening I decided to try sitting out on the bedroom balcony in the sun, it is quite sheltered and was very pleasant. Opposite the house are some very tall trees that unfortunately block out most of the sun on the ground floor ( did think that if we came again at this time of year instead of bringing an electric blanket we would bring a chain saw!) .




quiltergirl424 said...

Yes real yummee fish and chips, thinks we will have to go again next Friday. Ice to see you both and Pat. See you soon

quiltergirl424 said...

Should have read nice not ice.....

Howard Lynch said...

Fish and chips are fundamentally awesome! The best way you can have them, the more fantastic, right? There are lots of great restaurants out there that you can try. Check them out and take note. Anyway, it seems that you had a really great time there. I hope you get to enjoy more outings like that. All the best!

Howard Lynch @ Hunky Dory