Saturday, 31 January 2015

The sun is shining

Tuesday afternoon we visited The Oasis at the Arches, Alcazare for an afternoon of entertainment. The offer was chicken and chips with three hours of music for €5 each. It was a great afternoon, with singer Terry J performing many songs from the 60 / 70's plus some opera, a real mixed bag of music. The food was good so we have all decided to get tickets for the next show in two weeks time.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent lazing around doing a little shopping and walking along the sea front.

Yesterday was a fun day, looked like it was not going to be so hot, boy were we wrong! It reached 78 in the shade and was baking hot in the sun, while pictures of home showed snow in Northampton.

We started the day with a visit to a market where all the local charity shops go and sell everything once a month, especially clothes. I bought a padded waistcoat, blouse and brand new shirt for €1 each, plus a great long cardigan for €3.

Next was a quick visit to Zenia, a large shopping Mall. I was wearing black trousers (it was suppose to be a cooler day) and T shirt with socks and trainers. I managed to buy two pairs of lightweight trousers, pink and blue, and a thin pink blouse. Went into the loos and changed before we met up with Pauline and Brian for fish and chips.

We found a house to rent near where they stay and have made arrangements to use it next Jan/Feb. It will get more sun than where we are now and it will be nice to explore a different area. Plus it has lemons growing in the garden.

The four of us sat on Shaun's deck enjoying the peace and quiet overlooking the pool. It got hotter and hotter, so the sun cream came out and hats were worn. Had to use the Aircon on the way home in the car. This is the life.






quiltergirl424 said...

Really good day. Quite funny to hear you stopped on the way to us, bought some cooler clothes, which did look very nice, and changed in the loo.......... Nice pics

Christa said...

I enjoyed your report. I miss reading though what you might be working on. You usually do have something to work on when you are on hols. Next blog?

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