Sunday, 5 April 2015

Abigail at the Royal Albert Hall

After lunch we set off to collect Richard, Jacqueline and Eleanor and were on our way to the Royal Albert Hall. As I have a blue badge disabled ticket we were lucky enough to get one of the only ten free parking spaces right outside the door of the RAH.  We found a bar to have a sandwich and soft drink before taking our seats in the Choir circle, the only seats Jacq could get. As the performances were in the round we were fine but had a limited view of the arena.

Albert watching over the Royal Albert Hall
Arriving at the Hall
24 dance schools took part with over one thousand children, and Abigail's dance school were to be the last to perform.
Sitting in the Choir stalls
At the interval we stretched our legs and I asked a nice friendly usherette if there was any chance we could move as we had limited vision, a couple of minutes later she tapped me on the shoulder and we all followed her to an empty box she had found us with brilliant views of the whole arena.

A move to a private box with a great view
The whole show was wonderfully organised and of course Abigail was THE star, and her group performed to a very high standard.
The finale

Even amongst 1000 children we found Abigail [ see the arrow!]

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