Friday, 24 April 2015

The Summer House

My little Summer house continues to undergo a makeover.
New roofing felt has been added to the roof and then Chris painted the ceiling and walls and put a coat of preservative on the floor boards before I replaced the carpet tiles.

I had a length of new curtaining that a friend had given me so I cut off enough to put at the windows but it just looking 'wrong' it was far too white.

Having never tea dyed anything I thought I would have a go to change the net curtain colour. I boiled up ten tea bags in a large saucepan and then threw the curtains in for two and half hours. Seemed to remember hearing you should "set" the colour with salt so wrung them out and then put them in a tub of cold salted water... brilliant they are just the right colour now. [Goodness knows what tea does to your insides when you can use it to dye things! Thank goodness I do not drink it.]

The curtains are now a pale 'tea' colour and I found a quilt I had forgotten I had with garden scenes and sayings on it, that looks good hanging on the wall. I would still like to sort out the furniture and Chris still has to paint the outside of the building but we are getting there.

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Josie said...

The make over is looking great, and the nets look perfect for it x

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