Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lily Pond crochet along [CAL]

I have at last started my Stylecraft Crochet Along, Lily Pond designed by Jane Crowfoot.
Block One was released on April 7th and will be every two weeks until July 14th. This is a free design so feel free to join me.

The first block calls for 6 different balls of wool, as I have no imagination when it comes to choosing wool and colours I am using the recommended items.
So that I do not forget which colour is which I have wound some wool around a peg and put it's name on it. I think I first saw this idea on Attic 24 or Moogly website.
Keeping a check on the wool colours

Progress so far [it is level on the right hand side... turned under when  I got the camera out!]
Since starting to crochet again after 50+ years of not doing any, my thumb and hand have been really playing me up with arthritis. I have used Tiger Balm to help the pain but as I am still struggling have ordered two sets of ergonomic crochet hooks to see if they help.
 If anyone has any ideas to help please leave a comment.


Mad about Craft said...

I have osteoarthritis in both my thumbs so I crochet in short bursts with frequent short rests

Happy Room Diana said...

Thanks Mad about Craft, I am trying to rest my hand for a couple of days and then plan to do as you say.

joy said...

One thing I learned in life is to love what makes you happy and to cherish every moment you spend with your family, friends or love ones because everything that we have now on earth is temporary. Well, thank you for inspiring us with your great art work.



Silvia Jacinto said...

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