Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Snow, snow and more snow!

Awoke this morning to everywhere covered in snow! My guess is this will be a day in the holiday home, eating, crocheting and watching TV!


Yesterday we went on our first Off Road course that Chris had taken from a magazine. Although some of the lanes were pretty rough it was nothing until we reached one that was horrific. The lane started ok, the usual bumps and swaying of the LR with high stone walls about three inches from each side of the vehicle, then... It was the worse we had every come across and although Chris took three of four goes at it he could not get up the road and had to back down the narrow lane. I was very impressed with his excellent driving ability backwards. We both took a deep breath when we reached a normal road.

The course then took us through the Chatsworth estate and into Eyam, where during the plague they cut the village off to save the disease spreading.

Back at the holiday home, which is on an equestrian farm in Wheston near Tideswell we enjoyed a nice meal and settled in for the evening. We were quite surprised that they took all the horses into stables for the night, they left them out the night before, guess they knew the snow was coming.


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