Saturday, 11 April 2015

BBQ weather

Last day of the girls being here and the weather is glorious. The vote went up for a "silly hat BBQ"
which meant Grandad had to clean off the BBQ that had not been used in over a year!
The summer house was organised, luckily I had cleaned it out  before Easter so we did not have to eat with the over wintering spiders !
The girls again made cheezy filled jacket potatoes to go with the beefburgers and hotdogs with mushrooms Grandad was cooking.
We all found silly hats and had a really fun time eating outside in the sunshine.
Grandad at the BBQ

Feeding the fish

Silly hat parade

After the fun outside we all moved indoors and the girls decided to wreck the lounge by opening up a post office, shop, zoo and goodness knows what else. I moved into my Happy room and worked on my crochet, and Grandad disappeared somewhere [ probably his shed!]
Shop fun
It has been a wonderful four days with the grandaughters.
Awoke this morning to pouring rain and a very quite house miss them already.

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quiltergirl424 said...

Looks good, we have funny hats if that was the only requirement for BBQ........

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