Friday, 3 April 2015

Home a week

I cannot believe we have been home a week and I have not found the time or energy to write on my blog!  We have however been very busy in the garden, widening the drive with a triangle of slate pieces, building a wooden wall to hold the earth at the front of the house in a better position, clearing out one compost heap and closing down the other one, plus a myriad of gardening jobs.
On top of all this the gales earlier in the week blew the side fence down, luckily we have found someone to come and replace it on Monday.
I'll take you on a tour around the things we have done [ maybe not the compost heap !!] when the weather improves and I can get out there with my camera.

Yesterday was our monthly IAM meeting, and as Shirley was off celebrating her Golden wedding, Pauline joined us for the day. The day went so quickly with all the chatter and cake eating, plus quite a bit of crochet, quilting, knitting, tapestry and lacemaking was achieved.
Here are just a few of the items that appeared for the ever popular "Show and Tell".
Dorn's Linus quilt

Penny's Easter bags

Jenny's cuddly hooded waistcoat

Pauline's table runner

Clare's blue bag

Clare's machine embroidered poppy cushion

Ann's baby crochet blanket

Some of my granny squares [only about another 70 to go !]

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