Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The 'neigh'bour

It is so peaceful here and amazing how often the view changes with the weather.

In fact it's amazing how often the weather changes. We started yesterday morning with snow showers, which went on most of the morning sometimes causing a complete white-out on the hills in front of us. By lunch time the sun was doing its best to come out and we decided to take a trip into Calver where we had spotted a shoe factory shop. Having tried on a few I gave up and we left empty handed, this may be a first for me when shoe shopping!

We were not far from Bakewell so continued our afternoon shopping there. A visit to a wool shop was not as I expected, all the wool was upstairs (which I didn't think I could manage with my old knees) and on the ground level was everything but wool! So no money spent there either.

There are a number of nice charity shops in Bakewell so a mooch in the Air Ambulance shop and I came away with a new dress, it still had the shop tabs on it, and a blouse £9.50. In the Age Concern shop I bought another dress and two pairs of trousers, both trousers were brand new £10.

I do not like trying clothes on in the confines of these shops and just look at my purchases as a donation to the charities and hope they fit. I could not be more pleased when back 'home' I tried everything on and everything fits and I am really pleased with my bargains. Five new items of clothes for less than £20.

Did you get the neigh-bour funny? Our only neighbour looking out our front window is a horse in the field.



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