Saturday, 24 September 2016

Last Saturday in Spain

Where has the past week gone? Obviously having too much fun to write blog posts!
There is also the problem that I have not found a way to write posts on my iPad and have to set up my slow laptop, which drives me nuts. Why or why did Blogsy stop working other than in the USA?

Here's a little catch up...
First the most important thing, Chris celebrated his birthday on Tuesday with the most enormous steak at Asador Sierra Nevada, a restaurant that I found doing a google search for Steak Restaurant near where we are staying. The reviews were good so we booked a table. Pauline and Brian joined us and the reviews were right, it was  wonderful. A very intimate Spanish restaurant in an out of the way back street. All the inside tables were reserved so we were glad we didn't leave it to chance.
Brian and Pauline had sirloin and I had bbq chicken, Chris had half a cow!

The plate was almost too small for the steak

My chicken was really nice

Leaving the restaurant, which is on the left of the picture
Wednesday we had a trip to Murcia to look for two wool shops. Boy was it busy and parking a horror story, but we managed to find a space in an underground parking lot. We visited both wool shops, expecting them to be really good in the city, wrong, they hardly had anything not even one circular knitting needle between them. The walking in the city really played havoc with my knee and eventually Chris had to leave me on a bench and fetch the car. Thank goodness he found me again.

The approach to the city of Murcia

Date palms lined the streets.

After the great steak night last night we "slummed it" and ate at Ikea.
I must say the meatballs were very nice,
and its always fun to look around a well known store in a different country.

Thursday 22nd  was the actual date of Chris's birthday, and he seemed to like the fun T shirt I had bought him.
WARNING may spontaneously start talking about LAND ROVERS.

Worked hard mastering turning a heel and managed to get this far with my first sock.


Christa said...

It's the same about Blogsy in America. You can't download it any more ... no updates. As long as it works with your system it's o.k. but eventually that will fall by the wayside. It will be a sad day for me. If I ever find something else which will work for me I will let you know. It's a bummer.

Happy Room Diana said...

Christa I have tried everything I can to find a replacement, it does not work over here at all. Now have to take my laptop on holiday to post pictures to my blog, which is a real pain.

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