Thursday, 8 September 2016

Spain 5

12 days away from home in the constant sun shine, with nothing to do but see the sights and shop! However Chris decided to clean the decks, starting on the roof, where he loves to sun bathe, and then the front deck. it is nice to clean off the constant sand that seems to come from nowhere.

Man at work
Yesterday we decided it was time to get the car cleaned, one over night light rainfall had covered it in sand. Chris drove along the beach front, which was far less crowded than at the weekend. As we left the Mar Menor and the calm waters we reached the shore where the Mediterranean sea laps the shore. A sand sculptor had been busy so we stopped for a wander and to take a few photos. A light breeze made it an ideal place to go for a wander.

loved this crocodile

Egypt seemed to be the theme

Such fine work and detail

Just dropped a Euro on his money towel.

The Mediterranean being enjoyed
Onward to the car wash which is next door to a "China warehouse" so Chris dropped me there while he cleaned the car. I love these stores that seem to sell everything and managed to pick up a few items.

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