Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Spain 7

Well I guess it's blog catch up again. I'll tell you what has been happening using the photos I've taken.

A favorite store for all things English!
Unlike the Iceland stores at home this one sells Waitrose items and our favorite Greggs sausage rolls, yummy.

A whole lot of Bull on a roundabout

Our first visit to the Bull Ring market, great disapointment,
 hardly any stalls and very few people about

Must be Sunday, dozens of cyclists everywhere

This ship is marooned on a roundabout

Mr Fix It decides to clean the oven with a kit he bought in Iceland.
I have never seen it so clean!

A visit to the Punic wall, more about this on the next blog post

Such wonderful colours see at the Shopping Mall near Cartagena

Such a Gaudi style roundabout

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