Friday, 9 September 2016

Spain 6

Here we are Friday again, so back to Villa Martin for fish and chips and a wander around the stores in Zenia. There is a large Alcampo store that I wanted to visit, but neither of so bought anything, we must be slipping to go into such a large store and come out empty handed. The clothes stores are full of winter jackets and warm clothes, I wanted a pair of shorts but there were none to be seen, don't they know its 90 degrees in the shade!

After another calorie free (I joke) fish and chips we set off to find the sand sculpture again to see if he had made any changes. There were a few alterations but not a major change, so we walked along the side of the sea admiring the views and the villas with such great access to the sea.
In the far distance is the outline of the Mar Menor
but even further away on the horizon is land but not sure where it is we must investigate.

The Mediterranean

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