Thursday, 1 September 2016

Spain 2

We have completly lost track of the days, let alone the date! So we must be having a good time...
The mornings are pleasantly hot but the afternoon heat means I head for a room with a fan or the air-con, it is VERY hot. Chris already looks like he's been here months he is so brown, except for the red bits! I'm not keen on laying in the sun, for one reason I burn easily and another reason I get bored.

Today I decided to start my machine embroidery picture that requires colouring in. I am loving it more than colouring in books that seem to be all the rage.  Sitting outside in the shade playing with water-colour pencils is very relaxing and could easily become addictive.

Sorting out the balls of wool from the cotton reels, when all the lines seem to merge is fun!
For some reason I only brought one clip for the end of my crochet and that broke the first time I used it, so a visit to a charity shop and I found a very cheap sort of necklace thingy and with the aid of the only tool I could find managed to make three clips.
It's amazing what you can do with a charity find and crude tool
ps. from my previous blog post, did anyone spot my deliberate mistake? We went over the River Thames and under the Channel, I must have been jet lagged when I wrote he blog.

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Christa said...

Yes, saw it. Knew what you meant.
Hot and humid is the norm in summer where I live! Think it's better then rainy and cold. I complain in winter!
Enjoy Spain!

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