Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Spain 8

A day for exploring, so we set off for Aguilas and CIMAR [The Centro de Interpretacion del Mar]

This tunnel is all down hill, a strange feeling, like there will be no end!
This museum is "one of a kind" with a full size 19 metre trawler on its roof!

Opened in 2014 it shows the historical and local links to the area including the marine life found in this area of the Mediterranean, plus its all free of charge.
There are three areas to investigate, starting with the sea life aquariums, even Nemo was there with all his mates. I just love fish tanks, my father was a very keen aquarist.

Can you spot Nemo with is friends
Following the arrows we wandered up to the trawler that was donated to the town specifically to form part of the centre. It looks as if it has been washed ashore by a giant tidal wave. The town of Aguilas grew in the late 19c as a trading port exporting minerals mined in the local mountains. 2000 years previous it had been an important Roman town exporting fish and garum sauce all over the empire.
A section has been cut away and you actually walk right through the middle of the boat past a live ships cat. Chris had to do his Titanic thing up on deck.
It's a big boat when you stand under it.

A hole has been cut in the side to make a walk way
As near as he could get to the brow!
The trawler even has a ships cat and kitten
The third part of the exhibition is a newly constructed museum showing how life was lived by the trawler men plus an amazing display of sea shells collected by a local dentist and given to the museum.

A photo of the trawler before it landed up on the roof of the museum.

I wonder what size the pearl was in this enormous shell

Shells of every colour, size and shape

A must have in the trawler mans house

Not much living space as this is the kitchen, dining room and lounge!
A fascinating place to visit and well worth the trip...  part two of our day in Aguilas on my next blog.

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