Monday, 19 September 2016

When you get the urge!

For a week now I have had the urge to knit socks, yes I know I am in Spain on holiday and it is really hot. Researching we found a wool shop, like hens teeth very rare, but they did not have the right needles or wool, anyone would think no here knits socks!
Mr Fixit then found another wool shop in a near by town and these were the instructions for finding it according to Google...
Pilar roundabout turn left
1st roundabout turn right
At next right turn left
Then its the 16th or 17th road on the right
A treasure trove in such a small space
Such a nice little shop

Amazingly we found the little shop  called Lola Botona, what a treasure chest of things, plus just what I wanted and cheaper than I could get on line in England.

My sock making hoard
Having now joined a sock group on facebook, Winwick Mum Sockalong, and acquired the wool and needles etc. I need the pattern so set up my old laptop and little printer and they both behaved well printing off the pattern for me. Had to use my iPad at the same time.

Watch this space socks a go go.

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Winwick Mum said...

Hooray! I hope socks are a go go indeed! I'll look forward to seeing how you get on! :-) xx

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